Was the Prophet Muhammad Allah

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Prophet Muhammad (s.) Is the best of all creatures and the seal of the prophets.

The Messenger of ALLAH Muhammad (s.), Sometimes written "Mohammed", was born in 570 AD. born in the year of the elephant in Mecca in the house where he was born. For the meaning of the name, see Muhammad (meaning).

According to Sunni tradition, he was born on the 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal 52 years before the emigration and according to Shiite tradition on the 17th Rabi-ul-Awwal. The period between the two dates was declared to be the standard week. He is a direct descendant of Abraham (a.). See also Muhammad's (s.) Family tree.

An entire sura (47) in the Holy Qur'an is dedicated to Prophet Muhammad (s.). It consists of 38 Ayat.

Muhammad (s.) Is the prince of creation [seyyid-un-ka'inat], revealed revelation and ideal man. For further names and titles see: Muhammads (see) Title. He is the progenitor and head of the Ahl-ul-Bait (a.). The belief that he is the Messenger of God is part of the creed of Islam. One of his many nicknames was "Amin" even before Islam was proclaimed. He belongs to the Quraish tribe, with his family tree being traced back to Ishmael (a.).

Before he was even born, his father, Abdullah ibn Abd al-Muttalib, died. After his mother Amina bint Wahab died when he was just six years old, he first grew up with his grandfather Abdulmuttalib. However, he died two years later and Muhammad (s.) From then on lived with his uncle Abu Talib. Muhammad (s.) Was known as a sincere, reliable, honest, hardworking and clever man, so that he was asked for advice in many ways and was called "Amin".

At a young age, Muhammad (s.) Worked as a shepherd, later he took part in trade caravans to Syria, where the monk Bahira recognized him early on as the expected prophet.

At the age of 25 he married Chadidscha (a.) With whom he had the blessed Fatima (a.) As a daughter. His two sons Qasim ibn Muhammad and Abdullah ibn Muhammad died at a young age. The Prophet was nicknamed the Father of Qasim (Abul-Qasim). Ibrahim ibn Muhammad, who also died early, also comes from a later marriage.

Often Muhammad (s.) Withdrew to the Hira cave and stayed there for days. When he was called [mab'ath] to be a prophet, Gabriel appeared to him and revealed to him the first verse of the Holy Qur'an. His wife Khadijah (a.) And Ali ibn Abu Talib (a.), Who grew up in his house, were the first to adopt Islam and were the first to practice ritual prayer with him in community. They were followed by many more. The doctrine of pure monotheism and rejection of idols spread by Muhammad (s.) Also included equal rights for all people and the abolition of all oppression, which led to great enmity among the feudal lords in Mecca. First they tried to dissuade Muhammad from his path with monetary and power incentives. When that didn't work, they boycotted the Muslims and subjected them to severe reprisals.

When life for the Muslims in Mecca became more and more unbearable due to the affliction of the idolaters, Prophet Muhammad (s.) Ordered the small emigration. When later both his beloved wife Khadijah (a.) And his uncle Abu Talib, who had always granted protection to the Prophet (s.) Died, and the idolaters even forged plans to murder the Prophet Muhammad (s.), The actual emigration took place immediately with the murder plot against Muhammad (s.). During the emigration he meets Umm Mabad, who gives a beautiful description of the Prophet Muhammad (s.).