How do I estimate the web design costs

Internet presence costs

What does a website cost

Here is some information about the typical costs and benefits of creating websites.

Internal homepage costs in your company

In a first step, the internal costs of a website should be calculated. Before a web designer, copywriter, programmer or advertising agency is commissioned, the central requirements for creating the homepage should be defined.

  • What is the goal of the website (win new customers, strengthen image, sell products)
  • What content should be put on the Internet
  • What content is there already
  • Who is responsible for which work internally
  • What budget is planned
  • What added value should be generated

Web design costs

Companies that want to have a website created are usually looking for a web designer or a web design agency. This is why web design and web programming are often in the foreground.

The pure costs of web designing a website for a smaller company range from a few 100 euros to 20,000 euros.

Many web designers use so-called templates (pre-programmed and pre-programmed web design templates). Existing and new images are then integrated into these templates. In many cases the customer (ie "you") is then asked to deliver the texts.

Disadvantage of this approach when creating a website: insufficient consideration of customer interests and search engine optimization! There is a high probability that such an internet presence will not be very successful and will only win a few new customers

Content creation costs

Many companies use texts from brochures, flyers and presentations. When an employee writes the texts, only sparse information is published because the employee usually wants to do as little work as possible. The web designer then integrates the web texts into the website. Other companies employ “cheap copywriters” on special “content portals” or “text factories”, which often formulate texts for a few euros.

Disadvantage of this type of content creation: Customers find little information or general blah-blah texts. In addition, the websites are difficult to find on search engines because Google attaches great importance to meaningful information (Google can measure this; e.g. based on the reading time)

Search engine optimization costs

Many companies try to save themselves the costs of professional search engine optimization. If the website visitors and new customers are absent because the company homepage cannot be found on search engines, this shortcoming is compensated month for month by expensive Google Adwords advertising, which can amount to some 10,000 euros over the years.

Larger companies have usually recognized the benefits of search engine optimization as a good investment that pays off many times over in the long term.

Conclusion: Saving at the wrong end costs money and sales

The Internet offers the fascinating possibility of generating permanent additional sales with manageable investments. A well-designed homepage helps to actively shape the future success of companies. Successful companies such as Amazon, EBay, Zalando, Möbel 24 as well as all major automobile manufacturers, banks, tour operators, etc. show how ...

The good thing about the Internet is that it also offers good opportunities for smaller companies and retailers "!


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What does a homepage cost?

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