Masturbate Christians

The Bible's Position on Masturbation

The subject of masturbation is a subject that every young person, including every Christian, of course, is confronted with sooner or later.

In society, in the media and also by many well-known personalities, young people are encouraged to satisfy themselves. This kind of sexual gratification is considered to be a completely normal step in the personal development of every person.

Of course for us, as born again Christians, what matters is not what the world says, but what God says about it.

Unfortunately it is the case that this issue has also been greatly exaggerated by some church leaders, who of course strictly opposed this practice. The claims went so far that masturbation causes sexual impotence or even mental illness. Of course, this is not true and is by no means medically tenable.

However, in many faithful circles this issue is not addressed. This is because there is a great deal of ignorance, and often even ignorance, of God's Word and His will.

Introductory Thoughts on Sexuality

God created man with a sexual urge. And God said in Genesis 1:31: "and see, it was very good!". This makes it very clear that God basically says yes! to sexuality. And so it should be said right away that the many opinions of believers sex is always (i.e. also in marriage) something impure, sinful as not proven correctly. For God instituted marriage before there was sin in the world.

Genesis 2:18: "It is not good that a man should be alone; I want to help him, his peers."

Genesis 2:24: "Therefore a man will leave his father and mother and be attached to his wife, and they will be one flesh."

But this also makes it clear that God only endorses sexuality within marriage. Marriage is God's design, God's plan for man. In Matth. 19, 4-6, Jesus confirms again what was said in the Old Testament.

In summary, it can be said that sex within marriage is willed by God and leads to joy and fulfillment.

All premarital and extramarital sexual intercourse is fornication and fornication. I do not want to go into the present state of the world on the subject of fornication here. There is only one Bible verse mentioned (and there are really many verses that warn us against it) that underlines the seriousness of the point of fornication.

Eph. 5,3: "But fornication and all uncleanness or covetousness are not even mentioned among you." That is, in God's eyes things of fornication should not even be mentioned, much less practiced.

We will be terribly the judgment of God over a world that rejects all morals, customs, ethics, chastity and purity and freely lives out its sexual desires and inclinations, no matter what kind. According to Rom. 1, 24 already a judgment of God.

That is why we as believers do not want to look at what the world says and set an example for us, but rather look at Jesus and ask about the will of God, also in the area of ​​sexuality.

But what exactly does God's Word say about masturbation?

For many young Christians it is understandable that sexual communion is only determined by God within marriage. But what about masturbation?

A passage that is often mentioned in this context is 1 Mon. 38, 1-11. The point at this point is that Onan had his semen poured on the ground because he did not want to raise children for his sister-in-law. At that time there was the following law:

If a married man dies childless, his brother is obliged to marry his widow in order to raise the deceased's offspring. The point was that the name of a gender should not become extinct (Deuteronomy 25, 5-7).

Onan (from this Bible passage) did not want that. He disobeyed, and that's why he died. Warning: he had to die because he disobeyed, not because he poured his seed on the earth. It is important that we recognize this. Some claim that Onan died because he poured his seed on the earth. That's not right. But because he was disobedient.

Otherwise there are actually no places that are directly related to this topic. But although God's Word does not take a direct position, we can still see clear instructions from many other passages and from the overall context of the holy scriptures. Ps. 119, 160 says: "The sum of your word is truth."

Matth. 5, 27-28: Jesus says: "You have heard that it was said: You should not commit adultery. But I tell you that everyone who looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart."

Masturbation, like many other sins, begins in one's mind. A wise man once said: "Thoughts are the devil's battlefield."Jesus says in the passage in Matthew 5 that everyone who looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery or has already committed fornication.

This means that it is God's will that we already discipline our thoughts and not indulge in impure, lustful debauchery.

God wants us to think of what is true, what is worthy, what is just, what is pure, what is lovely and pleasant - see Phil. 4, 8. Is that compatible with the thoughts that go through one’s head during masturbation?

Of course it is clear that this is very, very difficult in practice and requires a lot of discipline and self-control on our part.

Our thoughts are shaped by what we let into our heart through our sense organs. That's why it's so important that we don't let our eyes wander everywhere. When looking at pornographic literature, we need not be surprised that we have impure thoughts.

We should take an example from Job. He made a covenant with his eyes (in Job 31: 1). That means he has made up his mind not to look at every pretty woman who walks by or not at every disreputable advertising poster, etc., etc.

That requires us to have a "no" to the desires of lust over and over again. God's Word says we should flee youthful lust (2 Tim. 2:22).

This is of course a learning process that presents us with new challenges every day. God wants us to learn - especially in our youth - to deal with our sexuality and to control it.

There are actually only two possibilities: either we are dominated by sexuality or we are dominated by sexuality.

God wants us to learn to control our sexual desires, our emotions and moods and how to deal with them. For this he has also given us his spirit. In 2 Tim. 1, 7 stands: "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of strength and love and discipline."

If we learn to master these things and not just let ourselves be carried away by our desires, then we will also become useful and capable for God and his tasks.

Of course, God doesn't leave us alone in this. He walks with us - step by step. He loves us, he helps us, and when we have fallen, he picks us up again.

God wants us to use our members as tools. In Rom. 6, 12-14 stands: "So do not sin reign in your mortal body in order to obey its lusts; do not present your members of sin as instruments of injustice, but present yourself to God, as living from the dead, and your members as instruments to God of justice. "

Furthermore, God wants us to put on Jesus. In Rom. 13, 14 stands: "Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not make provision for the flesh to satisfy its lusts."

So we are supposed to represent Jesus. In all its purity, beauty, chastity and holiness. When we satisfy ourselves, however, we defile the body of our Lord, which according to 1 Cor. 6:19 is a temple of the Holy Spirit.

In summary, from all of the reasons and scriptures mentioned above, one can clearly see that masturbation is sin.

With very many it is also the case that after masturbation there is often a great emptiness and a very strong sense of guilt.

Finally, I would like to say a few points that are very, very important.

So, we've found that masturbation is sin in God's eyes.

But let's not let the devil drive us crazy. He just uses such bondage to wipe us off again and again. As a result, we are completely devastated, depressed, and absolutely useless to God.

The devil then mostly manages to direct our gaze very well on ourselves and on the sin that has happened. As if we were the only ones having problems with it. He tries to charge us more and more guilt, so that we consider ourselves absolutely unworthy of forgiveness.

Enough - let's look to Jesus! The devil pretends that Golgotha ​​never happened. That's not true. Every sin has received its just reward - including masturbation. Jesus paid for it a long time ago. Yes, it wasn't a small thing, he gave his life, his blood. But it happened. Jesus said on the cross: it is finished!

Isn't that great? When we come to Jesus we can be forgiven. In 1 Joh. 1, 9 it says: "If we confess our sins, he is loyal and righteous, so that he forgives our sins and cleanses us from all injustice"!

Perhaps you are now thinking: "Yes, but I've already fallen on this point a thousand times!" Yes and? When we have fallen a thousand times, we stand up for the thousandth time and keep believing. But let's not just lie there!

And something else. Let us not be satisfied with falling into the same sin over and over again. Jesus is victorious and lives. And there is liberation. In Joh. 8, 36 it says: "If the Son will make you free, you will really be free."

Sexual ties are often very deep. The devil is not quick to give up his rights in these areas. But: Jesus makes you free !! Even if it takes a long time. Often times, with sexual ties it can take years for a full breakthrough to occur. But let's not be discouraged from fighting the good fight of faith and getting up again and again when we have fallen.

It is often helpful to confide in someone. You can then pray together and have already taken the first step towards freedom simply by confiding in someone. The devil cares a lot that we remain alone with this. That we think we're the only ones struggling with it. That's not true. Many believers have problems with it.

At the end I would like to point out the one who knows us better than we know ourselves. And who loves us above all else - Jesus! Let us flee to him with our sins, worries, fears, problems and questions. He understands us. If nobody else understands us anymore - he does. Is not written in Heb. 4, 15 that he was tempted in everything like us? And also that he feels sorry for our weakness?

Let us deal more with his word and get to know the beauty and glory of our Lord Jesus anew. Everything that God has created, including people and thus also sexuality, is only a tiny fraction of the glory and beauty that God himself has and that he will also give us when we will spend eternity with him.

In 1 Cor. 2, 9-10 stands: "What no eye has seen and no ear has heard and what God has prepared for those who love him, which God has prepared for those who love him; but God has revealed it to us through his spirit, for the spirit searches everything, including the depths of God."

May God open our eyes to all of us more and more. So that we can already recognize his glory now and be found in a holy, godly walk when he returns to be with us for all eternity