Why are there no homeless people in China?

panorama : Two million people in China are homeless and hundreds lost their lives in the floods

Devastating floods in China left two million people homeless and killed several hundred. Red Cross spokeswoman Jane Marin reported in Beijing on Wednesday that 66 million people in six provinces are affected. The Federation of Red Cross Societies appealed to the world to help the flood victims with donations.

Confusion prevailed over the exact number of dead and injured as Chinese officials wanted to give lower numbers. Several Red Cross representatives spoke after their own surveys of 420 dead and 58,000 injured. They later pointed out that the Chinese authorities only wanted to speak of 240 dead and 24,000 injured. So many deaths were officially announced a month ago.

The Red Cross warned that the poor sanitary conditions in the hot weather also spread diseases. The flood will continue until at least September. "We are concerned that the rain continues to fall". There is a risk that the Yellow River will now also be flooded.

Although the situation on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River is stabilizing, the floods on the lower and middle courses of the longest river in China will remain "a great danger in the next few months". High water levels threatened many parts of Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu and Anhui provinces.

The Federation of Red Cross Societies will appeal to the international community for CHF 8.5 million in Beijing and Geneva on Thursday. This should help at least one million flood victims. Water treatment products and stagnant water treatment chemicals are used to prevent disease from spreading.

The Chinese Red Cross has dispatched 2,509 medical teams to provide medical aid, distribute water purification tablets and other sanitary supplies to those affected.

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