What are good books about career changes

28 book tips for calling, changing jobs and professional reorientation

From the huge repertoire of books I have put together a selection of new works and classics for you. My ultimate book tips on the subject of vocation, job changes, professional reorientation and self-discovery. Check back again and again, because I keep adding new favorite pieces.

In principle, a vocation is nothing more than the answers to the following 4 questions:

What can I?
What I want?
Which job suits it?
Who needs that

That’s the theory. In practice, these small, inconspicuous questions cause quite a headache. That is probably the reason why there is such a large selection of books on the subject.

If it were as simple as it looks, more people would be engaging with it.

All of the books listed here are not just readings that can be read through in one go. They don't answer questions, they will raise new ones. With the aim of guiding you to find your own answers. Provided that you take the time to investigate the questions and find answers for yourself.

I would like to start with a book that is very important to me, although classically I would not count it as part of a vocational book.

Simon Sinek's “Always Ask Why” * does not guide you through a process like a classic vocational book to find out your strengths. Rather, it is about finding the common thread in your life.

Why are you here? According to Sinek, our why is not just our calling, but encompasses our entire life, our work is our motivation. For me, this book stands above all others, because looking for a vocation without knowing your WHY is like poking around in the fog. Here you can read more about why the WHY is so important to the calling.

Before I get to the classics, I want to ask you a few more questions, 69 to be precise, from my own first book.

Instead of looking at other people's answers, this is about finding your own. Basically, I ask you one question over and over again in 69 variations:

Who are you and who do you wanna be

The more you investigate this question, you will find something that you may not have even consciously searched for, but which is still essential for your path:


My favorite classic. The book is well structured. The same applies to the audio book. By the way, the only one that I know that has a table of contents.

Covey not only guides you through the vocation topic itself, but also makes it unmistakably clear that fulfillment has to do with making one's own contribution.

Get started with your dream job * - the double pack with workbook

This book is good for finding a job, for a new start and as an overview of the changes in the labor market.

The workbook leads away from the familiar job titles and towards work that suits you and your life.

Guido Ernst Hannig describes in "There is a job that really fits" *

how you can find the special meaning in your work with the help of his work-life-sense compass.

An exercise and work book with many practical examples.

... and Uta Glaubitz in "The job that suits me" *

Based on her many years of experience as a career counselor, how you can set off to your dream job.

In the workshop part there are exercises to deal with your own professional situation. Also tips on how to avoid procrastination, position yourself as an expert and on applications and preferred employers.

At Angelika Gulder you will find out how to find the job that makes you happy.

The biggest tool here is the career navigator she has developed.

It leads over 12 self-discovery exercises towards clarity in order to find out about your own calling.

Job happiness: the slightly different way to find the job that really suits you

For me it is by far the most practical book to help reorientate my career. If you already know other books and haven't got going, this book is for you. Julia Glöer draws her knowledge from her mentor R. Nelson Bolles.

Finding the dream job through your own strengths.

With the help of the online test StrengthsFinder 2.0 you can discover your strengths, become aware of your top 5 talents and promote them in a targeted manner.

The revolution of strengths. The strength test (especially managers are addressed here) is based on the Gallup principle, as with the book next door.

For everyone who juggles a lot of ideas and cannot decide

Barbara Sher is always a recommendation. Her books are pure inspiration and like a hand that strokes your head to encourage: You are just as right as you are.

The motivation book to work on your own dreams and stick with them. It clears up myths and beliefs and inspires you to look at your own strengths from another side.

"The smartest thing you can do is get started right away and pursue the things you want before you improve anything in yourself." The book helps to identify the confusion of not knowing what to want and shows techniques to get out of this conflict.

Dream job search for silver curls

“It's never too late for your dreams” * dispels the myth that turns midlife into a crisis. The professional change in the 2nd life is an inspiration to look at old age as a resource.

“Life is no more over at the end of the first half of life than after graduating from high school. You just leave one world behind and enter a completely different one. "

A new and loving way of looking at getting older ...

A little tip by the way: not a book that you have to read, but that you can write in. Namely your ideas, dreams, plans and thoughts. For example this one:

Especially for creative people and ideas jugglers like us, it is always a good idea to write down the many impulses, plans and ideas. On the one hand, so as not to forget them and, on the other hand, because sometimes a kind of knot loosens while writing that did not fit through the tight convolutions of the brain.

Find a calling as a highly sensitive person

“The vocation for the highly sensitive: Walking the tightrope between genius and collapse” by Luca Rohleder tells of the instincts of the highly sensitive, who know that there is something bigger in them, but are often unable to unearth this treasure.

I would like to note that in this book the vocation theme does not come into play as much as the high sensitivity.

Calling for spiritual seekers of meaning

The soul path training is like a navigation system for your life path. Learn to hear your quiet inner voice more strongly again, it will lead you back on the way to yourself.

Sabrina Fox writes about her spiritual experiences and says herself: “This book just wants to be an inspiration to follow your own soul path. "

Your light looks good on you is really a magical, spiritual book in which I immediately found myself and felt that I was in good hands. “You can also shine silently in front of you. … You are not normal, you are exceptional. Your attempt to adapt will never work. You were not born to live in a narrow form. Overflow. Expand yourself. "

The creative approach

Those who like design thinking will love this book. It is like a dream job workshop in book format, peppered with the experiences of the authors from their live workshops, that is, the exercises in it are tested live.

The creative approach to career and professional reorientation is very close to mine.

This scribble book is made for all visual types. In the book, text and drawings are combined, which makes reading entertaining and clear.

Reminds me in excerpts of the mind map format. Lovingly designed, it leads the reader to their dream job.

My favorite: job bullshit bingo “ />

A new take on the good old work

For everyone who is looking for an alternative to the “9 to 5 work model” and for more freedom in their work.

The book is not a step-by-step guide, it is more about the great challenge of self-determined work.

"Talking is silver - doing is gold."

Maybe it doesn't have to be a new job

The guru of serenity gives in “10 pieces of advice for a relaxed posture” on how he can cope with his packed working day and still remain deeply relaxed and happy. The author shares his personal experience of balancing his private and professional life.

His vision is to inspire people to remember why they chose their profession.

just a new perspective

With her non-fiction novel in the form of a diary, the author explores the question of why her job is no longer fun in a very amusing way.

Funny anecdotes from everyday office life and descriptions from colleagues that everyone knows from their job. The reading stimulates self-reflection in an easy and relaxed way thanks to its entertaining writing style.

... or you can start your own experiment

From her own dilemma of feeling out of place, Jannike throws herself a year off and at the same time into an adventurous experiment: 30 jobs in one year.

She describes her path in a very entertaining and authentic way and lets the reader participate in her findings. She quickly realizes that a week is a very short time to really get into a job. But to get a feeling for it it is always enough. Here, too, it becomes clear once again that the goal can be found on the way.

Will Jannike find her dream job? If not betrayed, you can read it yourself “ />

Förster and Kreuz always provide good food for thought with their bestsellers and encourage people to leave the herd.

A warm invitation to live the life that you really want.

Förster & Kreuz are investigating the question of whether the professional activity is an essential aspect of our identity and freedom or whether the profession is more of a modern barter of money for labor.

Every idea starts small and often fades out due to a lack of energy and accomplices. This book is intended to be explosive for people who want to make a difference - at work and beyond.

Book tips that do not speak of a vocation at first sight ...

It doesn't always have to be vocational guides that inspire you to follow your own path and to search for your destiny.

Sometimes it is enormously helpful if you just ask yourself:

What I like about Lars Amend's books is their simple language. I prefer to listen to his books because he speaks them himself. He chats about his life and manages to capture the alternation of light and shadow wonderfully, the ebb and flow of life.

“If I have learned one thing from this time of upheaval, then it is that a lot in life seems to be impossible until you objectively examine your inner problem children, who keep putting obstacles in your way, and check them for their truthfulness. Am i really not good enough? What kind of evidence is there that I cannot achieve this one thing that I so long for? ... Why shouldn't I get this great job? Can I really not or have I just never tried it properly? "

Gay Hendricks believes that the one thing that is really holding us back is the upper limit problem. The reason why we cannot develop our full potential and grow up to our size. It's about recognizing the potential behind the potential, he calls it the zone of creative genius.

“The more successful you are, the more you usually feel that you are under a lot of pressure and that you have to hurry up. That in turn is not at all beneficial for your well-being. I am convinced that behind the feeling that you are under such pressure is the call to you to live in your zone of creative ingenuity. ... If you feel any pressure of this kind, you have picked the right book and I am very pleased. "

I very much hope you have found one or the other inspiration. If you have another great tip that is missing here, I would be happy if you share it here in the comments.

I wish you a lot of fun and entertainment with reading and the life of your choice, you know what's coming

the world needs your quiet power “ />

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