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Training manual for real estate valuation 2nd edition
Hans Georg Tillmann, Wolfgang Kleiber

2.7: What is meant by “hinterland” and “advanced hinterland” and in what context are the terms used?



The concept of Hinterland is used in the assessment context with excessively deep plots for â € œrealâ € hinterland / garden land and denotes the area that protrudes beyond the local plot depth.


The concept of advanced hinterland In the case of excessively deep plots, denotes a foreland area with the value of a hinterland area, if the front buildable area can be moved into the â € œbacklandâ € with the use of the fore area.

The term is used in connection with road land assignments (front land assignment as â € œforward hinterlandâ €).

Regarding a): In the case of an excessively deep property, the part of the property (hinterland) far away from the access road has generally no building land quality and therefore has a lower value with a low permissible construction depth.

Regarding b): In the case of expropriation of foreland areas, according to the "displacement theory", part of the hinterland takes the place of the foreland.

The fore land to be ceded is compensated in the value category of the "advanced hinterland", ie the lower hinterland value due to the quality.


Section 5.2 WertR06 (partial areas)

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