How to start a collection

How to: start and stop collecting performance data

You must add the target binary that you want to profile to the performance session before starting the profile creation. Right click on aims in the Performance Explorer and then on Add target binary fileto add a destination. In the dialog box, choose Add target binary file select the file name and then click to open. A new binary file is added.

How to start profiling

  1. Right-click the performance session name in the window Performance Explorer and choose one of the following options:

    • Start with creating a profile - the application is started and immediately begins creating the profile.

    • Start with profiling paused - the application starts but does not start profiling. You can start profiling by pressing Resume listing in the window Control of data collection choose. For more information, see How to: Stop and Resume Collection of Performance Data.

How to stop profiling

  • The preferred way to end a profiling session is to exit the application. Click on the toolbar Performance Explorer on stopto stop profiling immediately.

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