What is a title 1 teacher

Title on the certificate

The topic of "title on the certificate" is a constant source of discussion. Employers and school inspectors regulated this in the 2017/18 semester so that only academic titles are included in the signature block on the certificate.

The legal bases are:

  1. The certificate form ordinance is decisive for the design and printing of information.
  2. For titles and awards, we follow the information material from the ministry.
    Here we find the difference between diploma degrees (before and after), professional and official titles!
  3. For the professional titles and the management of these see a. Wikipedia.
  4. To the Dipl.-Päd. see the registration guidelines 2009 in deeds.

In summary:
The diploma degree "diploma pedagogue" / "diploma pedagogue" (abbreviated "Dipl.-Päd.") according to § 7 Paragraph 1, § 12 Paragraph 1, § 16f and § 21 Paragraph 1 of the Academies Study Regulations - AStO, Federal Law Gazette II No. 2/2000, in the current version, of academies up to 30. September 2007 was awarded, does not count as an academic degree; there is no legal basis for registration. This degree can be used on business cards or door signs, but not on certificates.

§ 88 (2) of the Universities Act 2002 prescribes: "Mag.", "Dr." and "Dipl.-Ing." ("DI") are named in the case of leadership to put in frontThe remaining academic degrees (e.g. "BSc", "MAS", "PhD") are named to readjust.

ÖNorm 1080 (pp. 10 - 11) also gives us information about the spelling of academic degrees.

Further addresses / information:
http: //www.wissenistmanz.at/news/wissen-aktuell/archiv/downloads/062007 _...

In the Socrates Web school and student administration, the automatic teacher comparison is carried out as follows:

- Dipl.-Päd. is deleted from the OFFICE / PROFESSIONAL TITLE, but entered in the ANREDE1 field;
- also "DPäd." in the AMTSTITEL field is replaced and instead a "Dipl.-Päd." written in the salutation field;
- recently all official titles are entered in the ANREDE1 field - thus the official title field is empty in the application (and does not appear on certificates);
- the professional titles continue to land in the corresponding field; they have also not been used to date when printing certificates;
- AKADEMISCHER GRAD is corrected for BEd, MBA and MSC (ie. Moved from AKADGRAD to AKADGRAD_NACH);
- the selection bars are added automatically (globally).

If a new teacher is created, all fields are filled.
If the teacher already exists in the database, then only the following fields will be overwritten (all others remain unchanged and can be permanently maintained locally): family name, first name, title, academic degree, gender, date of birth and login name.