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Royal-News about Prince Andrew: Lazy excuse should relieve him

Prince Andrew is accused of having sex with a then minor in 2001. The girl is said to have brought him Jeffrey Epstein. During his lifetime he tried to pull the prince's head out of the noose.

Prince Andrew, 60, has come under pressure because of his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, † 66: The US businessman is said to have sexually abused young girls and women and incited prostitution for years. One of the alleged victims, Virginia Guiffre (formerly Virginia Roberts) claims she was forced to have sex with Andrew by Epstein. GALA summarizes the most important news in this case for you.

All the news about Prince Andrew

March 23

Prince Andrew couldn't have had sex with Virginia Roberts because ...

The now 36-year-old Virginia Roberts claims to have been forced to have sex with Andrew, 60, by Jeffrey Epstein, † 66, when she was 17. The abuse allegedly took place in an apartment in London belonging to Epstein's friend Ghislaine Maxwell, 58.

In his book "Relentless Pursuit: My Fight For The Victims Of Jeffrey Epstein" (published March 31), US attorney Bradley J. Edwards reports on his hunt for the pedophile Epstein. In the course of this, there was a meeting with Epstein in a café in Florida in the fall of 2015.

The two men came up with what was true of Virginia Roberts' allegation. Jeffrey Epstein allegedly labeled Roberts as a liar on Prince Andrew's affair with the following questionable words: "There is a problem. Now I remember. She said she bathed with Andy. If I could show you how small the Ghislaine bath was in this apartment was ... it would be difficult for two people to fit in. "

The justifiable objection remains: Even if the bathroom was too small for two people, that doesn't change Robert's accusation that she was forced to have sex. According to her statement, it took place in the bedroom.

27th of February

Did Prince Andrew celebrate his birthday without the royals?

Prince Andrew turned 60 on February 19. There was no big celebration - due to the Epstein scandal. Only a private party with around 50 guests in his home, the Royal Lodge in Windsor, is said to have taken place according to the British media. However, neither Queen Elizabeth, 93, nor Princess Anne, 69, Prince Charles, 71, and Prince Edward, 55, should have attended the dinner. There was also no trace of Duchess Catherine, 38, and Prince William, 37. Now, almost ten days after the birthday, it writes "Mail Online". It is not known whether Andrew's ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, 60, or his daughters Princess Beatrice, 31, and Princess Eugenie, 29, were present.

3 February

Prince Andrew: Virginia Roberts is a "sick girl"

The British royal again caused a sensation regarding the Epstein scandal: He had described his alleged victim Virginia Roberts as a "very sick girl". According to the Daily Mail, Jonathan Rowland, son of controversial real estate tycoon David Rowland, 74, asked about Andrew's welfare by saying, "I hope you won't let the press get you down". The Duke is said to have replied: "Not at all! ... She is obviously a very sick girl. (...) Shrug your shoulders and carry on."

This rather derogatory exchange suggests the Prince's absence of compassion. With this statement, the Royal is also questioning the mental health of his alleged victim. The plaintiffs' attorney noted in this regard that Andrew's credibility is at stake unless he cooperates with the FBI, not Virginia. "Virginia's sanity is excellent, even though Andrew and Epstein put it to the test," added the lawyer.

January 29th

FBI wants to question Prince Andrew

In the last few weeks it has become quiet in the Prince Andrew. Now there is movement in the Jeffrey Epstein case: The FBI wants to question the Queen's son about the abuse scandal and has already contacted his lawyers. No answer so far. And that despite the fact that Andrew had publicly stressed in the past that he would help with the clarification. But: "To this day, Prince Andrew shows zero cooperation!", US Prosecutor Geoffrey Berman, 60, made clear on Monday (January 27) at a press conference in New York.

Mail Online quoted an unnamed friend Andrews the day after as saying, "The Duke is more than happy to speak to the FBI, but they haven't approached him yet. He's angry at how this is portrayed and." confused why this was said in New York. It seems certain people are acting rashly. "

As "ITV News" reports, Andrew's ex-wife Sarah Ferguson is now to intervene. The couple has been divorced since 1996 but are now very close and even live under one roof. Fergie is said to have been urged to speak plainly with the prince: He should cooperate with the authorities and make that clear.

January 16

Is Prince Andrew no longer guarded around the clock?

The core of the British royal family is guarded around the clock by armed staff from the Metropolitan Police. So far, Andrew has also benefited from this service. But how long will it stay that way? There are considerations on the part of the Home Office and Scotland Yard, writes "The Telegraph" on Thursday, to downgrade Andrew in matters of security. The reason is his temporary withdrawal from royal duties in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel have the final say.

20th of December

Jeffrey Epstein wanted to get women pregnant

Jeffrey Epstein dreamed of improving mankind and wanted to fertilize 20 women with his sperm at the same time to give birth to babies. The setting was to be his ranch in New Mexico. This is what two award-winning scientists and a management consultant reported to the "New York Times". Computer scientist and writer Jaron Lanier told the newspaper his suspicion that Epstein - a convicted pedophile - used dinner parties to meet attractive women with impressive academic qualifications as potential mothers to his children. It is not known whether Epstein wanted to sleep with the women himself or wanted to fertilize them artificially.

In an interview with the BBC that aired in mid-November, Prince Andrew vehemently denied knowing about the machinations of his friend Jeffrey Epstein.

December 18th

Princess Eugenie shows up

For the first time since Prince Andrew's resignation from his royal duties, his youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice, appears in public. Together with her husband Jack Brooksbank, like many other members of the royal family, she came to a lunch at the palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth. The 29-year-old does not show the scandal surrounding her father: She laughs happily and relaxed into the lenses of the cameras.

December 18th

Prince Andrew goes to the palace for Christmas dinner

As every year, the Queen invites her family to the official Christmas dinner in Buckingham Palace in 2019. Photos show how Duchess Catherine, Prince William and Prince Charles, among others, pull up in their carriages. And another guest causes a stir: Prince Andrew. He sits at the wheel of his car with a serious expression. Despite the controversy over his connection to the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the 59-year-old has been invited. It's the first time he's seen the extended royal family since the disastrous interview about Epstein. A clear sign: The Queen stands by her son.

But do the other royals also react so benevolently to Andrew? After all, Charles and William are said to have been instrumental in the fact that Prince Andrew resigned from his royal duties in November.

December 17th

Virginia Roberts tweets about Beatrice and Eugenie

On Twitter, Virginia Roberts, whose last name is Guiffre today and who claims to have been abused by Andrew in 2001, expressed her condolences to Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. "I bet they're going through hell I wouldn't wish that on anyone," wrote Roberts on December 15th. They don't have a guilty conscience towards the princesses, however. "Your father should have thought about it before he decided to hang out with well-known Pedos [pedophiles, editor's note] and even participate in their abuse."

December 16

Prince Andrew served Epstein as a decoy

Jeffrey Epstein is said to have used his friendship with Prince Andrew to lure a young girl at the age of 15 to his island of Little St. James. The woman - who testifies in court documents and wants to remain anonymous - has claimed, according to The Sun, that the invitation to an alleged meeting with the Royal came after she was subjected to a "vicious, protracted sexual assault" by Epstein. The attack on the girl is said to have taken place in 2004. She is said to have met the convicted sex offender during a school trip to New York.

10th of December

Virginia Roberts is afraid for her life

On December 10, 2019 at 8:32 p.m. German time, Virginia Roberts posted a worrying tweet. Via Twitter, she states that she is currently worried for her life. On the post of another user who suspected: "The FBI will kill you to protect the rich and well-connected," replied Virginia Roberts: "I make it publicly known that I am in no way suicidal. I have told my therapist and family doctor about this. If something happens to me - for my family's benefit, don't let this thing go away and help me protect it. Too many angry People want to see me remain silent. "

With this, Virginia Roberts dares to flee forward. The suicide of her tormentor Jeffrey Epstein, who is said to have committed suicide in prison, is repeatedly called into question. According to the doubters, there are some indications that speak against suicide and in favor of eliminating the American. It remains to be seen whether this suspicion can be confirmed in the future. Virginia Roberts, however, tries to secure herself with this unusually open tweet. Possibly on the initiative of your father? Sky Roberts spoke on TV in early December that he was concerned about his daughter's safety. You can read exactly what the American said in this article in the entry from December 4th.

December 5th

Witness charges Prince Andrew in the Virginia Roberts case

Setback for Prince Andrew on the question: A woman claims to have seen the Prince and then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts in March 2001 at the Tramp Club in London. In doing so, she supports the testimony of Roberts, who claims to have spent time there with the prince, Jeffrey Epstein and his then-partner Ghislaine Maxwell before sex began in Maxwell's house.

Lisa Bloom, who represents some of Jeffrey Epstein's victims, told The Sun about the witness: "The woman remembers it vividly. She had never seen a royal before or since. It was a very big moment for her - she stared at him [Andrew]. She says he was dating Virginia who was very young and not looked happy, but Andrew was smiling and seemed to be enjoying being on the dance floor a lot. " It had been decided, adds Bloom, to go to the FBI and Scotland Yard with the witness, because the woman is believed to be credible. "She's not asking for money or legal rights - she just wants to tell her story. She's very scared but thinks it's very important to speak up," said Bloom.

December 4th

Now the father is speaking of Virginia Roberts

Sky Roberts, the father of Prince Andrew's alleged abuse victim, gave an interview to British breakfast television. He knows the truth and what he really did. I saw the interviews and he denied everything, apparently he is not telling the truth and most British people know that, "explains Roberts and adds that his daughter is" a good girl ". However, he fears for her safety because" some powerful people "are still alive. Also, Virginia Roberts' father says he didn't know Jeffrey Epstein was abusing girls." I'm angry with the guy and want to say that I'm really done with this whole thing now and if I could somehow change it, I would. "

3rd of December

Donald Trump claims he doesn't know Prince Andrew

Not only Prince Andrew, but also US President Donald Trump is said to have been in contact with Jeffrey Epstein. On the occasion of a visit to London on December 3rd and 4th for a meeting of the 29 heads of state and government of the NATO countries, Trump was asked about Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein. His answer, according to CNN reporter Mark Forster: "I don't know Prince Andrew. It's a difficult story."

Too bad for the President that there is a photo from February 2000 of him with Andrew. It was recorded on Mar-a-Lago, Trump's estate in Palm Beach, Florida. Also in June 2019, during Trump's state visit to London, he met the prince at an appointment in Westminster Abbey.

2. December

New interview from Virginia Roberts about Prince Andrew

No end to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal over Prince Andrew: Virginia Roberts gave an interview to the British TV station "BBC One", which was broadcast on Monday evening (December 2nd) and was eagerly awaited in Great Britain. The now 35-year-old has renewed the accusation that Jeffrey Epstein forced her to have sex with Andrew when she was 17. "I sat there in bed feeling horrified and ashamed and dirty", describes the mother of three how she feels afterwards. "I had just been molested by a member of the royal family." Roberts, who had already spoken extensively about Andrew to "Daily Mail" 2015 and "NBC" in September 2019, does not tell much that is new.

What is new, however, is that the BBC discovered an email in which Andrew Ghislaine Maxwell, then girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein, wrote in 2015 that he had "specific questions about Virginia Roberts".

"He knows what happened, I know what happened. And there is only one of us who is telling the truth - and that's me"Virginia Roberts clarifies in the current interview. The prince vehemently denies the sex allegations.

November 28th

Prince Andrew smuggled the masseuse into the palace

New revelation about Andrew: In mid-July 2000 he smuggled a masseuse into Buckingham Palace who was recommended to him by Jeffrey Epstein's then partner Ghislaine Maxwell. Andrew violated strict security precautions, as the newspaper "Daily Mail" wrote on its website on Thursday. As proof, the newspaper shows its readers a photo of a check that Monique Giannelloni received for her services.

Giannelloni, 55, reports that she had not been searched or registered anywhere during her visit to see the Duke. "It was so easy to get into the palace and it worried me because I could have been anyone. Me didn't know Andrew and never met anyone from the Royal Household. Nobody knew me. I wasn't approached by a Royal Protection Officer or asked no questions at all. " She further claims to have been greeted by Andrew in a bathrobe at the bedroom door and to have given him a massage, lying naked under a towel. There was no sex, and Monique Giannelloni, who was in her mid-30s at the time, was not sexually molested by Epstein or those around him. The palace denied a statement when asked by the Daily Mail.

November 26, 2019

13 Andrew's phone numbers for Epstein

Another detail about Prince Andrew in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal comes to light: The late businessman is said to have written down 13 phone numbers in his phone book in order to be able to reach the Royal. This reports "The Sunday Times" and refers to the private investigator Mike Fisten, who persecuted Epstein on behalf of some of his victims for over ten years. The directory would have had numbers from all over the world. "For example, if you look at the section in London, you can select the Duke of York, Prince Andrew. And if you look, under the Duke of York, you can find Buckingham Palace. He [Epstein] had 13 phone numbers around." to contact the Duke, "said Fisten. Why Andrew gave 13 contact options to a man whom he says he has seen "only once or twice a year" is unclear.