Nancy Pelosi is a good leader

Impeachment is getting closer: Democrats formulate charges against Trump

The US House of Representatives is entering the next phase of impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. The chairman of the Congress Chamber, Democrat Nancy Pelosi (article picture), announced in Washington that charges should now be drafted against Trump. This is the prerequisite for a possible impeachment of the president to be voted on in the plenary session of the House of Representatives. The opposition Democrats have a majority in this chamber.

Trump has committed abuse of office, undermined national security and endangered the righteousness of the US elections, Pelosi said in a televised statement. "The president leaves us no choice but to act," added the Democrat.

The networks broadcast live

The President has just returned from the NATO summit in Great Britain

The actual decision in the process, however, falls in the US Senate, where Trump's Republicans are in the majority. Should a majority in the House of Representatives be for impeachment proceedings against Trump, which is considered likely, there would then be a kind of trial against the president in the Republican-controlled Senate. Given the majority there, it is unlikely that Trump will ultimately be convicted and removed from office. However, such a process would also be a stage for the election campaign - all US networks would broadcast the dates there live.

The call

The Democrats in the House of Representatives accuse Trump of abuse of office in connection with the Ukraine affair. In a personal phone call with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the President urged investigations into the son of his democratic rival Joe Biden. The Democrats have been collecting information on this for months, most recently in the House of Representatives Secret Service Committee.

Trump himself hardly misses opportunities to condemn the whole process as a "witch hunt" against him. His - relatively new - spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said in a first reaction on the short message service Twitter that the Democrats should be ashamed.

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