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Regional airline wants to buy 54 Embraer E2s and 54 Airbus A220s

The name was pretty immodest. Two dozen investors founded Turbo Megha Airways in 2013. However, they more modestly called their operating company Trujet. Since then, the Indian regional airline has served six ATR 72 regional destinations, mainly in the south of India. The market share is a modest 0.6 percent.

But that should change soon - at least if the new majority owner has its way. The American investment fund Interups and its boss Laxmi Prasad have owned 49 percent of the Trujet parent Turbo Megha Airways for a few days. Actually, they had already set aside 1.89 billion dollars for an investment in Air India, but Prasad now wants to put that into Trujet, he reveals to the Moneycontrol portal.

More targets, a lot more planes

The plans are ambitious. Trujet is to take on Air Asia India, Vistara and other airlines and greatly expand the network from Hyderabad. The fleet is expected to grow from seven ATR turboprops to 108 jets. And that is the latest generation of jets.

According to Prasad, Trujet is already in talks with Embraer and Airbus. It's not about playing the two manufacturers off against each other - you want to order aircraft from both, says the investor. He wants 54 Embraer E190-E2 jets and 54 Airbus A220s.

Rules relaxed

All of these new regional aircraft could be delivered within six years, Prasad said. “Embraer will deliver three planes every two months. The agreement with Airbus stipulates that one aircraft will be delivered every 1.5 months, i.e. a maximum of nine aircraft per year. So it can take about six years for the Airbus order to be delivered, but at Embraer it's faster. "

The Trujet fleet is expected to grow to 21 planes this year. This is especially important because the Indian regional airline can then also fly abroad. According to Indian law, this is only possible if the fleet includes at least 20 planes. In the past, the rule also required that an airline had to exist for five years, but this has now been relaxed.