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Market valueThe 10 Most Valuable Companies in the World

Sometimes one day is enough to dethrone the world's most valuable company. With the IPO at the end of 2019, a group immediately took first place among the largest stock corporations. But even without the largest IPO in history, there would have been a new leader in the market capitalization ranking of the auditing company EY. The AG giants outdo each other with enormous growth figures. Those who only increase their market value very well are already on the decline.

EY surveys the market capitalization of the 300 largest companies in the world every six months. According to the analysts, some trends have solidified in the ranking for 2019:

  • One in four of the top 100 companies now comes from the “technology” sector; their value increased 42 percent to $ 9.4 trillion.
  • The number of US corporations in the Top 100 ranking rose to a record level with 56 companies.
  • Europe only plays a subordinate role on the world's stock exchanges. Before the financial crisis, 46 of the 100 most valuable companies were headquartered in Europe; today there are only 23.

These are the most valuable companies in the world

# 10 JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase was ranked tenth in the EY ranking of the world's most valuable publicly traded companies in 2019. The US bank had a market value of 436.0 billion US dollars on December 26, 2019. That was over 110 billion more than in the previous year. Even so, JP Morgan Chase stayed in tenth place. Because the competitors also grew strongly.

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# 9 Tencent

The US dominates the top 10 largest public companies in the world. With two companies in the top group, China can best keep up. Tencent started in ninth place. The internet company of the Chinese billionaire Ma Huateng lost three places compared to 2018. The market capitalization increased according to the information from 379.1 to 459.5 billion dollars.

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# 8 Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway also fell three places in the EY ranking. Warren Buffet's holding company slipped from fifth to eighth place despite growth of around ten percent to $ 553.7 billion.

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# 7 Alibaba

On the other hand, the Alibaba Group went up one place. The value of the Chinese e-commerce giant rose by over two-thirds from $ 352.5 billion to $ 580.5 billion in 2019, according to EY. For the 2019 fiscal year that ended in March, Alibaba reported a 51 percent increase in sales to 377 billion yuan (equivalent to around 49 billion euros). Founder Jack Ma's group plans to increase sales to more than 500 billion yuan in fiscal 2020. The group's flagship is Alibaba.com, a trading platform for companies. The group is targeting consumers directly with the Taobao shopping platform.

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# 6 Facebook

"Seven of the ten most valuable companies in the world are now corporations with a digital business model", EY summed up the new economic order. Facebook improved by one place to sixth in 2019. The stock market value of the parent company of Instagram and Whatsapp rose from 376.7 to 592.6 billion dollars.

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# 5 Amazon

Despite a strong increase in value, Amazon slipped two places to fifth. Market capitalization at the end of 2019 was $ 926.5 billion. In 2018 it was still at $ 734.4 billion. The online retailer could therefore surpass the $ 1 trillion mark in 2020.