Which degrees pay very good salaries

When it comes to salary, it's not just performance or a doctorate that counts. Factors such as degree, subject area or field of activity also influence earnings. Those who want to go into research and development after completing their studies can realize this wish at a university, a non-university research institution or in industry. With regard to the salary, this decision is definitely relevant, because the salaries at universities and research institutes are on average well below those in industry.

In which industry are the starting salaries for scientists the highest?

If you are looking for a high salary, you should apply to an employer in the industry. Here natural scientists receive high starting salaries, especially in chemistry and process engineering (on average 53,800 euros) and in the automotive industry (on average around 50,800 euros). In contrast, research institutions pay significantly less (an average of 42,700 euros).

Does the training have an impact on the salary of scientists?

Yes, because depending on the degree, there are definitely relevant differences in salary. While a bachelor's degree in the natural sciences brings in an average salary of 35,200 euros per year, with a master’s degree it is around 44,100 euros, with a university diploma around 46,400 euros and with a university of applied sciences diploma an average of just under 38,200 euros.

The salary of scientists with a doctorate is significantly higher: They can expect an average annual salary of around 52,700 euros - a quarter of scientists with a doctorate even earn a good 62,100 euros.

Which scientific subjects are particularly lucrative?

The professional field for natural scientists is broad and the subject is decisive for the expected salary at the start of the career. Young scientists in the mathematical field are particularly well paid with an average of almost 50,000 euros per year. Medical technology is also an attractive subject: an average annual gross amount of around 48,200 euros is possible at the start of a career. The salaries in biology have the largest salary range - here a quarter of the newcomers earn around 49,500 euros, the average is a good 35,600 euros per year.