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See here the strengths and weaknesses of the Colombian economy, as well as the opportunities and threats.

Large domestic market with 50 million inhabitants. Economic growth of around 4 percent expected in the coming years. Favorable geographic location with access to the Atlantic and Pacific. Well suited as a mainstay in the region for German companies. Trade agreement with the EU and USA.

Structural corruption. Over half of the workforce works informally. High transport costs due to a lack of infrastructure. Industry partially not competitive. Strong exchange rate fluctuations.

Backlog in sectors such as environmental technology and renewable energies. The agricultural sector as a growth driver. Large investments in the transport infrastructure planned. Multinational companies invest in Colombia.

Growing resentment in the population due to high levels of social inequality. Worsening security situation in rural areas. Escalating conflict in neighboring Venezuela. Falling demand for oil and coal reduces export revenues. Covid-19 vaccine reaches Colombia later than other countries.

Source: GTAI (December 2020)


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