Parent coaching is one thing

Parent coaching with Daniela Lanz, Systemic Business Coach IHK

The most natural thing in the world ... Being parents ... It has long since ceased to mean just having offspring and raising them. For two or three generations, children have not only been part of their own survival program. It is possible to plan to have children, when, how many and with whom. On the other hand, this freedom also presents us with new challenges. Often we only really realize this when we have decided to have a child.

As the oldest girl in a family with 5 children and with a great love for children, I chose my dream job 'educator', which I pursued with great passion until I became pregnant myself. Now it was up to me to 'wuppen' a family with two children together with my husband. The task now was to coordinate our independence and family life.

Today our children have grown up, there were a lot of cliffs to navigate, and more than once I wanted an independent, neutral body with which I could discuss questions of upbringing 'uncolored'. Although I was in a good position with my partner, my parents, friends and the very good relationship of trust with my pediatrician, I would have loved to have had a completely neutral view of things.

I am now offering you this in parenting coaching!

I am convinced that parents are the child's best coach! But even a coach needs coaching every now and then! It is important: Coaching only works with mentally healthy people. Are you stuck? At the moment you don't know how best to deal with the situation? What are your goals? How do you get there? Changes require reflection and action. Think out loud with me!
Examples of such moments can be

  • Pregnant ... yeah! / Help!
  • The first time with the baby
  • Return to work ... When and how?
  • Who do I give my child in care? Which option is right for us?
  • School, how does it work in the best possible way?
  • Which values ​​are important to me, what do I want to give my child for his or her life?
  • puberty
  • Let go ... When and how does it work?
  • Family constellations change. How can it go on well?

Free consultation

I have reserved some time in the next 48 hours to talk to you personally about how we parents can help quickly and efficiently. The first consultation is completely free ...

Success through systemic coaching.

If you are currently feeling very challenged, professionally or personally, it is time to make a change. Systemic coaching focuses on you as a person with your own needs. Coaching gives you space to get to know yourself, your values ​​and goals. You develop courage to live your potential, to recognize and use your resources, and to acquire authenticity and self-confidence, the foundation for a self-determined, happy life. Daniela Lanz systemic business coach IHK, helps you to achieve this goal. She has already accompanied numerous people in the Lake Constance, Allgäu, Upper Swabia, Vorarlberg and Switzerland area to find their way. She worked in places such as Friedrichshafen, Ravensburg, Leutkirch, Memmingen, Biberach, Wangen, Isny, Lindau, Langenargen, Kressbronn, Konstanz, Lindenberg, Immenstadt, Sonthofen, Kempten, Dornbirn, Bregenz and St. Gallen.