Can a teacher have a favorite student

Become a teacher's favorite student

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    Dress appropriately. You want to look presentable. Wash and brush your hair, brush your teeth, shower, and use deodorant. Wear reputable clothing and little to no makeup. Very important: do not wear pants that you almost lose and no crop tops or the like. You and your friends may find this cool, but show that you take school seriously and that you are making an effort to dress properly. Also, dress appropriately for the weather - this way your teacher will see that you are careful not to freeze and end up getting sick and missing out on class.

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    Pick the teacher whose favorite you want to become. Your class teacher, your sports teacher, an art or music teacher, the teacher in your favorite subject, or all of them at once? Maybe it's best to start with the nicest teacher, or whatever subject you're best at. If you want to make yourself popular with several teachers at the same time, you have to make sure that you have enough time and are willing to invest - there is a lot of work to do! Make yourself comfortable in the classroom. You'll learn a lot here soon, so feel free to feel at home.

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    Be confident on the first day and ask smart questions.Which is your favorite sports team? is not an appropriate question unless the teacher is introducing himself and has specifically allowed such questions. In general, however, teachers prefer students who are calm when they speak.

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    Always be well prepared. Your homework should be done completely and with dedication. You should finish and hand in project work as soon as possible after it is issued. Do your best to do a good job. You may even be able to do some preliminary work so that you are particularly well prepared and can impress your teacher with your specialist knowledge.

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    Participate in the class discussion! Every answer you give shows the teacher that you have listened, and every smart question proves that you are pondering the subject and trying to apply it to real life. When everyone else in class is asleep, it's time to shine with your interest.

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    When the teacher asks for quiet, be quiet. It's that simple. And don't laugh at the class clown, because that only motivates him to keep disrupting the class.

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    Always do your homework, and whenever it just feels reasonable, show that little spark of extra interest and ask your teacher what you can do to familiarize yourself with the topic even better.Talk about how much you've learned and how fun the class is (all teachers love that!). But don't overdo it, teachers can smell such false compliments from afar.
    • Ask about additional tasks. This signals that you want to have a good grade. If your teacher says no, don't complain. Just say "Okay, see you tomorrow!"
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    When doing written assignments, choose your words very wisely. Don't use colloquial language because it looks like you don't care if your expression is good or bad. Give it your all after a long evening yours Work is what saves your teacher the evening! Don't write too much though. You don't want to prolong your teacher's evening unnecessarily by forcing him to read an entire novel.

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    Be polite. Teachers don't like students who start arguments or get involved in arguments. Stay away from the idiots in the class. Help whenever you can, whether it's the teacher or your classmates.

  • 10

    Get good grades. Study for tests and classwork. When you get the test back, ask the teacher what you did wrong and how it was done right (but you'd better do that in private). You don't have to mention that you are asking in order to do better next time. Why else should you ask?

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    Make an effort to really understand topics. Ask if there are any books your teacher can recommend.

  • 12

    Offer to distribute notes and help out with similar assignments in the classroom.

  • 13

    Occasionally bring your teacher small, honest gifts (cookies, a "Best Teacher" medal, card, etc.)). He / she will appreciate your kindness and appreciation.

  • 14

    Talk to your teacher in your free time. You can talk to him / her about anything, not just about school. Teachers are people too. Make a few jokes, but don't be too colorful.

  • 15

    If you hear one of your friends talking badly about the teacher, defend him / her. You never know what your teacher might notice. Plus, being a teacher's favorite is not a one-way street: It's a lot easier if you actually like the teacher in question.

  • 16

    Wave or say "Hi" when you meet your teacher. Everyone is happy to receive attention and recognition.

  • 17

    Always show that you cooperate. Ask extra smart questions in class or, if you're shy, see your teacher after class. "Oh, I forgot to ask ..." is a good place to start. If the situation allows, you can spend a little more time with your teacher and maybe talk about other things as well.

  • 18

    Always remember, your teacher Hello and Goodbye accept. You can also add a nice comment: “Thank you, have a nice day. And good luck with your teaching! "

  • 19

    If a teacher punishes you for something, you are likely to get really angry. But don't let it show you. At the end of the lesson you just apologize, then everything will probably be forgotten again in the next lesson.