What do girls love about boys?

What the girls love the boys for

Boys can piss us girls off with their would-be-cool swanky demeanor and silly games.
Yes, sometimes we'd like to shoot them on the moon
If it weren't for the other side ...
That softens us and makes us forgive all quirks.
What looks like a bland list at a cursory glance, turns out to be a big declaration of love on closer inspection.
Have fun!

30 things girls love about boys:

1. That they are brave enough to remove the dreaded spiders from our room or to accompany us home through the dark park.

2. That they are the rulers of software installations, broken CD players and battered two-wheelers and that they make their power available to us at all times.

3. That despite their cool demeanor in front of their buddies they have wet hands and blush at the first kiss.

4. That they torment themselves for hours on fitness equipment in order to be able to offer us a nearly Brad Pitt stomach and an almost Sly body.

5. That they beat our voracious brothers by lengths in the cake-eating contest.

6. That, as loyal Bravo Sport and Sport-Bild readers, you can name the previous clubs, shoe size and back number of all Bundesliga players and hang up the phone at important sporting events.

7. That they pick us up from the real concert and endure our hymns of praise.

8. That they cry with disappointment after a lost championship or cup game.

9. That they wear our friendship bracelets, put up presents and know letters by heart.

10. That they endure the transparent interrogations and critical looks of our fathers.

11. That they respond to our wishes while cuddling and more and put them into practice in such a loving way.

12. That they put out a photo of themselves.

13. That they are the best creamers and massage therapists under the sun.

14. That they still have problems with the hook fastening of our bra the tenth time.

15. That they have a small tattoo on their upper arm.

16. That they drove us speechless with a poem they wrote themselves.

17. That they look so damn sexy in tight jeans.

18. That they will still greet us with a happy smile even if we make them wait half an hour on a date.

19. That they pluck our sleeves at the thriller in the cinema when we can look again.

20. That they can translate computer, math and technology Chinese into understandable German for us.

21. That they dance with us.

22. That they return the favor to our mothers for their intrusive attempts at feeding with charming compliments.

23. That they bought us the cute top one size too small.

24. That they pamper our noses by using a generous amount of aftershave when shaving their three whiskers.

25. That they show us the big chariot in the starry sky.

26. That they lend us their cell phone.

27. That their voices send pleasant shivers down our spines.

28. That they try to intimidate every other guy who approaches us within ten feet with their threatening look.

29. That one can sink into their eyes.

30. That you assure us that Kate Moss and Stella Tennant are "completely off-putting, because the skeletons are far too skinny" and that Britney Spears looks like a Barbie doll ...

By the way: how about putting one or the other of the above points into words and presenting them as a compliment when you get the chance?

© 2000 Anja Gerstberger