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I wanted to find out how things are going with the recognition of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in Germany? Is it possibly equated with the Physikum, or can you continue your medical studies in Germany in a higher semester?
Many Thanks!

MB.BS (depending on the university also gel. MB.BCh.) Is a title that is awarded after successfully completing 5-6 years of medical studies at many universities in England and English-influenced countries such as Australia.
There are also so-called graduate courses, which are offered following a (mostly 3-year) bachelor's degree and then lead to the MB.BS title in 4 years.
So it is by no means only to be equated with the Physikum!
As an MB.BS you are a doctor (also referred to as a "doctor") and have to work in the hospital as a "resident" or "house officer" for another year in order to get a full work permit (practically approbation). So similar to earlier in D the medical assistant after the state examination ...
A "Doctor of Medicine", i.e. MD or Ph.D. In these countries, titles are obtained through research activities lasting several years (after graduation).

In order to be able to work as a doctor in Germany with this degree, you would have to have it recognized by the responsible LPA, like other medical courses abroad.

Thank you, I knew that too :-) I guess I asked my question a little imprecisely. For example, if I study for 3 years, will four semesters, i.e. the Physikum, be recognized in Germany?
I would like to study medicine abroad, but most of these programs are structured in such a way that I wanted to know what happens when I move back to Germany after a maximum of 3 years.

What you want is a lateral entry from abroad, there is a lot of information about the search function
Even from Hungary, where you study in German and with a physics degree, it is probably not that easy.
With foreign study achievements, you have to apply for individual recognition at the LPA. To do this, you must have certificates recognized, ie. The foreign course content must be clearly comparable (translated if necessary). You can then try to apply for a higher semester directly at the universities. I succeeded 30 years ago, it cost me a lot of nerves, a semester and a physics exam that I took again here (after 2 pre-clinical years at Sydney University, however, I passed with 95% ..)
Why would you want to study abroad (Australia?) - because it is not enough here NC-wise, or because it is so nice there or the studies are so good? (That's it, I guess, both still).
Can you easily get a place there?

My NC won't be enough and I want to go out into the world again. =)
So theoretically I would study anywhere in Africa, Asia, Oceania, I don't really care. Of course I have certain preferences, but I just want to study medicine. :-)
Now, as already mentioned, the question arises for me whether these Bachelor achievements will also be recognized. Jrder advises me to find out beforehand, but it is quite difficult. There must be people who have studied the "Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery" and are back in Germany after 2-3 years. And it is precisely these people that I would look for and ask how it looked with them in terms of recognition.

Without wanting to evaluate it, but the LPA may make a difference between Australia and the Takka-Tukka country, so ask the LPA, they should ask it depending on the country! can say .....

@ australena: That's exactly what I described to you! -How it can go after two years of studying in Australia (aiming for MB.BS) back to Germany and continue studying (losing one semester of time). :-nothing

Perhaps you don't understand the difference between the Bachelor's degree that has been achieved in Germany since Bologna and the well-known MB.BS?

@ Coxy- in fact I think that word has got around in D now that Australia is not a TakaTuka country. Incidentally, it is even more difficult to get a place in medicine there than here (there is no quota of waiting times through which - with patience - you can definitely go to university).

@Geli: Always read carefully. Coxy did not refer to Australia as takka tukka land.

@australena: It is much more likely and will probably go faster if you go through the LPAs. The probability of finding relevant people here of all places is, even if it seems as if every medical student is here, improbable. There are also x other sites. Perhaps the BVMD could also help. He actually arranges stays abroad for clinical traineeships and such. But overall he could already know his way around. Personally, I think you have chances. There are always students who take up individual certificates abroad that are also recognized. But it is more difficult to get hold of a place at all, whether before or after the Physikum.

best regards

@stromer: I think you should heed the "genaulese reference" yourself ... In any case, my comment was not intended as a criticism of Coxy, but should express approval and indicate that the LPAs are actually already looking at the country.
When I came here from Australia 30 years ago, I already felt a certain arrogance here in Germany (which was also unjustified at the time) towards the Australian education system. That, I wanted to say, is now being looked at in a more differentiated manner.

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