Can we prevent cyclones?

Protection against cyclones through effective warning management

The wind speeds of storms like “Lothar”, “Christian” and “Anatol” cannot be compared with Haiyan (379 km / h). Can storms like Haiyan also occur in Germany / Central Europe with comparable wind speeds?
Tropical cyclones are not to be expected in Germany in the future either. The prerequisites for creation are not given. We sometimes feel tropical cyclones in a transformed form when they have made the transition from a tropical to an extra-tropical system in the Atlantic and can later make themselves felt as a normal storm low in us. However, the wind speeds are nowhere near as large as they occur in tropical cyclones.

The greatest wind speeds in our country are associated with tornadoes, at least in the flatlands, which actually develop occasionally. Peak gusts of more than 200 km / h can then occur locally and in a narrowly limited manner.

What damage would a typhoon like Haiyan cause in Germany?
Of course, here in Germany, the resistance of buildings and infrastructure to storms is very different from, for example, in large parts of the Philippines. Nevertheless, a storm with peak gusts of close to 300 km / h, for example if it hits a city like Hamburg, would cause the greatest destruction and claim a great number of deaths without warning or appropriate evacuation measures. However, such a comparison is only hypothetical.

Would houses like those built in Germany withstand the storm?
At wind speeds of more than 250 km / h, considerable damage or destruction would also occur in Germany. The Pforzheimer Tornado (1968) or the Tornado von Micheln (2004) provide an example of the destructive power of such wind speeds, which mostly only occur in tornadoes.