Avocado increases blood sugar

Deliciously healthy How to use avocados to fight diabetes

Those with type 2 diabetes should change their diet and pay close attention to what they eat. This not only applies to sugar and simple carbohydrates, but also to certain types of fruit and vegetables. Nutrition expert and author Sven-David Müller (50) warns against consuming avocados in his bestseller "The 50 best and 50 most dangerous foods". At least diabetics should be careful. The reason: The fruit of the avocado tree is rich in mannoheptulose, an organic-chemical compound that inhibits the formation of insulin. The result could be high blood sugar levels.

Scientists at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, explain on the other hand: Avocados are the right choice, especially when diabetes is imminent. The fruits or their ingredients could improve the processing of insulin and regulate blood sugar levels.

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AvoB increases insulin intensity

The basis of the research, which was also published in the journal "Molecular Nutrions & Food Research," was an experiment with mice. According to "medicalnewstoday.com", the animals were fattened for eight weeks with high-fat food in order to induce obesity and insulin resistance some of the mice received the fat molecule Avocatin B, AvoB for short, which is found in this form only in avocados, for a further five weeks.

The result was clear. Those mice that were additionally supplied with AvoB had gained significantly less weight at the end of the 13 weeks. At the same time, her insulin intensity increased. This means that important organs such as the liver and also the fat and muscle tissue could react better to the hormone insulin. The risk of developing diabetes decreased. There were no intolerances or other risks.

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Research on human response starts

Due to the positive results, the Canadian researchers led by Professor Paul Spagnuolo now also want to start clinical studies in humans. According to "medicalnewstoday.com", the Canadian health authorities have already given the go-ahead for this. If the results of the research on mice are confirmed, AvoB could come onto the market in the coming year in the form of tablets or a powder.

Spagnuolo expects this to be an enormous step forward, because regular consumption of avocados alone is not enough to produce the same effect. The concentration of the substance in the fruit is simply too low for that. In addition, the value of avocado to avocado fluctuates and it has not been conclusively clarified how the body can process the AvoB from the fruit.

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Diabetes and the Consequences

Diabetes can lead to serious complications. These include cardiovascular problems and heart attacks, but also visual disturbances, damage to the nerves and sexual disorders. The cause is that the body either produces too little insulin or can only process it insufficiently. AvoB could help improve this processing and thus prevent diabetes or minimize the risk of complications.

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