What is the best iPad or tablet

Top 10 - The ten best tablets in the test

Are you looking for a really good tablet? We present the currently ten best ones here.

Android or iOS?

Apple and Samsung set the tone in the top 10 best tablets. Both manufacturers are represented with various versions of the iPad and Galaxy Tab. Only Huawei was able to place itself in between with a model.

Expensive versions in the test: It can be cheaper

Incidentally, our test field usually contains the most expensive equipment variants of the individual models. The radio module is almost always involved. In addition, the largest memory variant is often tested. Those who can do without LTE / 5G or need less storage often get away cheaper.

We will show you the strengths, weaknesses and special features of the ten top tablets. We present all ten models to you in the following picture gallery.

Top 10: The best tablets

Are you about to buy a tablet? Are you looking for a real top model? Then our overview with the ten best tablets will help.

Test reform: This is how connect tests tablets

In March 2020, we updated our tablet testing procedure with a few changes. In the current process, performance has become more important and is now also shown separately. Biometrics and USB standards are now also included in the assessment.

There has been no change in the weighting of the categories overall. There is a maximum of 100 points for endurance, the equipment has a maximum of 175 points. A maximum of 125 points are awarded for handling, operation and handiness. There is still a maximum of 100 points for the measured values ​​that include the sound measurement and, above all, the display measurements.

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