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9punkt 06.12.2018[…] Özoguz said in 2017 and what prompted Gauland's outburst of hatred. "In an interview with Die Zeit, the architect Patrik Schumacher, head of the office of the late Zaha Hadid, is not afraid of his libertarian To champion ideas: "Neoliberalism must now be radicalized," shouts the 57-year-old former Marxist, next to whom Emmanuel Macron looks like a Christian social worker: "I am […]9punkt 06.12.2018[…] In an interview with Die Zeit, the French writer Annie Ernaux is full of sympathy for the protests of the Gilets jaunes, the yellow vests. It is true that it is not the very poor who are protesting here […]Ivy 11/13/2018[…] was quite a sexist, says Torsten Groß in the SZ, even if not really convincing: The carefree dealing with groupies, some of them underage, is an expression of the general libertarian There was an attitude in those years and Bowie's fascism whimsy was primarily a coke-induced spinning mill, which died down in no time when real old Nazis suddenly sought Bowie's proximity in Berlin. "Especially […]Magazinrundschau 24.07.2018[…] The libertarian State skepticism, which was ubiquitous in Silicon Valley and in the early World Wide Web in the 1990s, has changed: At first glance, the tech sector has shifted to the left on numerous political issues and supports socio-political demands that can only be made with a strong and not with one after libertarian Ideas of the weakened state are to be mastered […]9punkt 06/09/2018[…] In Chisinau, Moldova, of all places, the art historian Jörg Scheller came across a man, Joe, who sees himself as a motorcyclist Libertarian, Trump voters and China admirers turned out to be and made a lot clear to him about this species, as he writes in the NZZ: "Would he fight against discrimination against minorities? Probably not […]Magazinrundschau 13.04.2018[…] In particular, the triumphant advance of Facebook and the stock market crash of 2008 are held responsible for the development - the idea of ​​a free grassroots Internet was increasingly suspended: "That libertarian 'Fuck the government' ethos was growing, "says Antonio García Martínez, who co-designed Facebook's advertising system." This whole notion of moving fast, destroying things, was taking up […]9punkt 01/22/2018[…] Carolin Emcke defends the status quo of the public broadcasters in her SZ column: "It's not just libertarianbut also right-wing extremist ambitions that want to turn off an institution that is supposed to serve a common good: the opportunity to get information and to communicate about the shared world. Ultimately, it's not even about legitimacy or quality […]9punkt12.01.2018[…] Special. "" Nudging "or"libertarian Paternalism "is nothing more than political propaganda and subtle manipulation of the citizen, says the philosopher Martin Rhonheimer in the NZZ:" Instead of informing - also about the consequences of non-rational behavior - and helping citizens to make responsible decisions, they push libertarian-paternalistic state its citizens […]9punkt11.11.2017[…] admitted to being half an outlaw, so to speak. Meanwhile in our, as I would say, hysterical-bigoted hyper-moralized society, where we are supposedly so much more tolerant and libertarian, we expect from an artist whose driving force must of course also be the abysmal ... they are all supposed to be good sons-in-law and behavior teachers? "Also American Eli […]Ivy 11/9/2017[…] Wolfgang Ullrich in a very readable essay in the pop magazine (actually a lecture) both left-wing authors such as Byung-Chul Han and Philipp Ruch an as well as the right-wing extremist pioneer of "Libertarians"Martin Sellner:" Sellner and the Identitarians are attached to the same figure of thought that Han developed in recourse to Carl Schmitt. Beauty therefore has both a martial dimension for them […]Magazinrundschau 17.09.2017[…] is who follows RT. It attracts substantial readers from every quadrant of Kelly's fake news universe - Trump supporters like Bernie Sanders supporters, Occupy Wall Street supporters like Libertarians - that makes RT something special. "The Russians don't just inflate the right wing," says Kelly. 'They also inflate the left wing - they practically inflate the edges, at the expense of the center […]Magazinrundschau on July 24, 2017[…] host (but who knows, maybe this series has already existed somewhere). On the one hand, Ayn Rand is proof that in America you can make a religion out of anything - even one extreme libertarian Atheism. And on the other hand, for Xavier de La Porte, the author of the series (podcast) that runs this week and with which Elise Racque is talking, it is a symbol of contemporary politics […]Magazinrundschau 14.07.2017[…] Because of "neither left nor right". The book "Democracy in Chains" by the historian Nancy MacLean is currently making a lot of talk in America, the wild counter-reactions of the intellectuals libertarian Rights in America. MacLean criticizes the public choice approach of the Nobel laureate in economics, James M. Buchanan, which she is behind the machinations of some reactionary people […] grandiose criticism in Vox of MacLean's book from the left. The two accuse MacLean of making it too easy for themselves and their like-minded people with their conspiracy theories. And they lift on the libertarian Criticism of the state economy emerges something that can be taken aback, especially in times of diesel scandals: "Public Choice suspects that regulating agencies are often affected by particular interests […]9punkt13.07.2017[…] are immediately dismissed as right-wing hate speech. So it happens that suddenly liberal Muslims are seen as Islamophobic and gay critics of gay marriage as homophobic. I admit: I am a libertarian Homosexual, but I remain conservative on some issues. I would never have dreamed that, of all things, the left New Germany could defend me: After the shitstorm against […]Magazinrundschau 13.05.2017[…] the Danube, in the no man's land between Croatia and Serbia, which after the founder and "President", the Czech Vít Jedlička, is to become a new Monaco or Liechtenstein, a Mecca for Libertarians, with the least possible state influence and free trade. However, there is still no construction activity to be recorded in the seven square kilometer area, as reported by Update, only one […]