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Human resource management

Sabbaticals, lifetime working time accounts or long-term leave ... the requirements for structuring work and leisure phases for employees in a company have also become more complex in recent years.

The various needs of those involved in this topic must meet numerous specifications and guidelines:

a) The entrepreneur must ensure that working hours are adhered to within the statutory and internal framework.
b) Employees should be given the most flexible possible form of recording and monitoring their working hours.
c) The recorded data must be treated with sensitivity and must nevertheless be used for other planning processes in various internal and external planning models.
Particularly in the area of ​​the public service in the hospital and health sector, various specifics must be mapped in the context of working hours. These determined results are used directly through the networking with the payroll accounting to calculate the corresponding salaries according to performance.

In order to do justice to the solutions for modern time management, SAP ERP HCM offers various options for recording and processing time data of your employees:

Workplace Time Management (TMW)
The "Workplace Personnel Time Management" offers time administrators in companies the opportunity to manage, display and edit time data for defined employee groups. The interface of the workstation can be adapted for each time officer if required, depending on the definition of tasks and authorization.

Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS)
The time sheet can not only record the working hours of employees, it serves as the basis for further processes within a company.

Attendances and absences can be provided for the HCM area. The recorded working time data can be assigned to projects or defined work tasks. This enables precise possibilities for recording and evaluation in the area of ​​controlling. For companies in the service industry, the reported times can be printed directly as evidence in various forms and forwarded to the customers.

The timesheet is available for various mobile applications.

Depending on the company's internal requirements, we will advise you on the use of an optimal solution in order to be able to record all working hours. We also support the integration into your own system landscape, the programming of interfaces to other systems and user training.