Are there CA jobs in South Africa

Working in Cape Town

The black continent is one of the most popular travel destinations for Germans. South Africa in particular is a magnet for dropouts. You want to work locally, but finding work in South Africa is difficult!

Big cities like Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, charming landscapes that unique wildlife, but also crime, AIDS and poverty are terms that we associate with South Africa. But South Africa is also a changing country. The modern way of life and traditional African customs offer an interesting contrast that leaves no one indifferent. More and more emigrants come up with the idea of ​​staying there for a longer period of time and start looking for a job. Since the abolition of apartheid, the new, liberal South Africa has seen an influx of foreign companies. However, the general economic situation cannot yet be described as stable and unemployment in South Africa is high.

Job offers, jobs and internships in the Cape Town advertising market

Therefore, there is a regulation that local employees have priority in the allocation of jobs. If an employer in South Africa wants to hire a foreigner, he must first of all prove that no local is suitable for the job. In addition to the position, salary and duration of employment, your employment contract will also contain the exact reason for the appointment. This means that all possible obstacles are put in the way of those interested in working from abroad. However, these difficulties hardly prevent true adventurers from looking for work in this fascinating country. tenacity after all, it is also in demand at home when it comes to getting your dream job ashore!

Off to work and job at the Cape of Good Hope ...

The Cape of Good Hope was once the turning point for seafarers. Only when they had safely circumnavigated the Cape, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, could they reach the trading metropolis of Cape Town unscathed. Today you can expect cities in the south of Africa with a modern and diverse economy and a well-developed infrastructure. Foreign investors are rapidly restructuring the economy and helping to improve the general living conditions of residents. Over 3 million people live in the greater Cape Town area alone. Most blacks still live in huge slums called slums Townships.

Employment opportunities for Germans exist primarily in the oil business, in the health sector and in the catering / hotel industry. For all other Africa fans who would like to get to know the country better, internships or volunteer jobs are also available. Volunteering in South Africa there are in the areas of social affairs, education, tourism and nature conservation. In addition to your work and activities in Cape Town, you will learn so much about the culture, language, security, medical care and political situation in the country. There are already providers who organize these volunteer projects and take care of the entire travel process.

Employment contract and salaries in Cape Town

Who is between 18 and 50 years and already one employment contract has in his pocket or has special professional qualifications is most likely to get a work permit and residence permit. The Republic of South Africa only accepts a certain number of immigrants. Good written and spoken English skills are a prerequisite for any job.

Don't expect dream salaries in South Africa! The wages are usually much lower than in Germany. In return, the cost of living is below the German level. Incidentally, the employment office recommends a private one Health insurance as well as the voluntary further payment into the pension fund.