What are some good Asian food recipes

Good opportunity: 25 recipes for less than 2.50 euros

Tips for saving

Cheap shopping

If you want to cook inexpensive recipes, that does not automatically mean that the discounter is the only option for you. It pays to compare prices and staple foods like flour, milk, and butter cost the same almost everywhere. Make sure to compare the on the price tags Price per kiloThis is the only way to keep track of all the different pack sizes.

It pays off, on deals to pay attention and to shop seasonally. If you have a weekly market nearby, you should stop by shortly before the end, then many stalls offer their goods at extra low prices.

Oriental or Asian grocer Incidentally, they often sell vegetables and fruit cheaper than conventional supermarkets. Especially with spices, herbs, canned goods, beans and lentils you can quickly find cheap bargains there.

Food sharing portals also offer you the opportunity to get food and groceries for little or free. There people from your city offer food that they have left over and don't want to throw away, you just have to pick it up.

Plan the week

The first thing you should do is check your supply when you find that your money is running out. Once you have an overview, you will certainly quickly get ideas about which dishes you can use to save your wallet. Create for the week or even the coming month a meal planwhich dishes you want to cook when and which ingredients you have to buy. It's called New GermanMeal prep And by the way, it is currently also a big trend among foodies. Go to the supermarket with your shopping list and buy everything you will need if possible. Stick to your list to avoid unplanned expenses. But plan for sweet snacks, too, if it's just a bar of chocolate or bananas. So the display at the bakery can no longer seduce you so easily.

Make your year delicious!

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Do it yourself instead of buying it

Not always, but it is usually cheaper to prepare something yourself than to finish it. Another advantage: You know exactly what's inside, you can adapt it to your personal taste - and you can be very proud of yourself and your work! The best example is bread and cake. For a muffin you sometimes pay 2 euros. For this you get almost a whole muffin tray baked completely yourself. Incidentally, bread also lasts longer if you bake it yourself and does not dry out as quickly.


The cost per serving is especially cheap if you cook and freeze large quantities. Liquid dishes such as soup, gravy or sliced ​​meat and many baked goods are particularly suitable for this. It is best to always put a portion in a freezer bag and label it so that you will still know what you have in the freezer in a few weeks' time.

It is best to freeze broth-based soups without vegetables and then add fresh or frozen soup vegetables later when you thaw them. For soups with rice or pasta, you should freeze them without rice and pasta and cook them fresh later. So nothing becomes limp.

Cheap recipes without meat

Mustard celebration with mashed potatoes and peas

Frozen peas, potatoes, eggs, mustard, you probably have most of the ingredients for this recipe in stock anyway. With mustard celebrations, you can conjure up a super simple dish and keep the costs in check. To the recipe

Cherry gratin with quark topping

The simplest ingredients become a loose, sweet dream. You have not only brought cherry gratin cheaply, but also incredibly quickly on the table. So everyone is happy - you, your wallet and your hungry guests. To the recipe

Carrot and potato tray with poached egg and spinach

A pot and a tin, that's all you need to be happy. The carrot and potato tray with feta, peas, baby spinach and poached eggs is inexpensive, but also a light meal that goes perfectly with spring and summer. To the recipe

Leftovers deluxe: pasta frittata

When things get tight, pasta and cheap recipes are almost indistinguishable. They also make you really full. If you have cooked pasta left over, you can use a little egg and parmesan to conjure up a noble leftover food that can be spiced up with countless toppings. To the recipe

Oat pancakes with bananas, caramel and Nutella

Just because you want to cook inexpensive recipes doesn't mean you have to forego sweet treats. You can stack the thick oat pancakes like pancakes and top them with delicious bananas and liquid nougat cream. To the recipe

Djuvec rice with fresh vegetables

The Serbian classic uses cheap ingredients and tastes great as a main course or as a side dish with chicken, fish and meat. The rice turns peppers, chilli and tomatoes really nice and spicy. To the recipe

Bell peppers and beans with rice

In the USA, people like to fill burritos with this bell pepper and bean pan, but I also really like the mix with rice on its own. Especially when I need a light meal but don't feel like a salad. To the recipe

Sweet and quick: spaghetti with honey tomato sauce

Main course and dessert in one. Almost. At least the tomato sauce tastes sweet with honey and cream, but a pinch of freshly ground pepper at the end brings the twist to a serious meal. This recipe always puts a smile on your face, especially with children. You can even get this recipe on the table for less than 1 euro per serving. To the recipe

New leftover kitchen: Fried mashed potatoes pancakes

You can get mashed potatoes as fast food in many cities, because it fills you up, but it is also a really cheap meal and easy to spice up. But we also like to conjure up pancakes from them, which are especially tasty with sour cream. To the recipe

Pizza Margherita - the original

Do you love pizza? No wonder! Preparing them yourself saves you phone calls to the delivery service and is also a lot of fun. The basic version is really cheap, especially if you make the dough yourself. And then you top the pizza with your favorite ingredients, such as garlic oil? To the recipe

Cheap recipes with meat and fish

Jacket potatoes with quark and bacon

Super easy, always surprisingly delicious: Jacket potatoes are a savings classic that also clears up your potato supply. It will be extra cheap if you only eat the jacket potatoes with quark. To the recipe

Filled frittata with ham and cheese

Chances are, you won't have to shop for this recipe. The secret is some parmesan in the omelette. Did I mention that you are also totally low-carb? To the recipe

Sloppy Joe - Grilled Sandwich with Hack & Cheddar

Doesn't that look good forbidden? You probably already have some ingredients for this recipe at home. The spicy sauce, minced meat and cheddar spoil the bastard in you. Come on, get on the couch and watch your favorite movie. To the recipe

Fast hunter pan

Hearty food is a wonderful happiness maker. This hunter pan is also quick to prepare and tastes great with toast or some rice. Cranberries from the glass, which you might even still have in your pantry, bring the kick. To the recipe

Crispy plaice fillet Finkenwerder Art

Plaice is one of the cheapest fish you can buy. Simply breaded, then a little crispy bacon, onions and fried potatoes and you feel like you're on a North Sea holiday. To the recipe

Spicy lime and garlic chicken

Are you missing a bit of spice in life? This chicken breast with a delicious mix of spices and lime juice will get you going again. Serve with butter corn, it's cheap and tastes delicious. To the recipe

Quick spaghetti with chicken, bacon and spinach

Mamma mia, you've conjured up a delicious meal. Spaghetti will fill you up. Chicken, bacon and baby spinach bathe in a spicy tomato-cream sauce. Sprinkle a little more cheese over it, grab the fork and let's start winding it up. To the recipe

Mac & Cheese Pizza Style

Just change the base a bit and your pasta will get a wonderful pizza twist. With Mac’n’Cheese you have cheese in the "dough" and on the pizza. And as if that weren't enough for us, you can top this pasta bake with hearty salami. To the recipe

Toast Hawaii - a heart for classics

Whether it's a quick lunch or a quick dinner, toast Hawaii always tastes good. It's also a fantastically inexpensive recipe and doesn't require a lot of active time from you. To the recipe

Stuffed pancakes with salami and cheese

Hearty pancakes: These pancakes are not just filled with spicy cheese and pepper salami, they are also coated with sour cream beforehand. So they taste extra juicy. To the recipe