Which technology device is indispensable in life

There has never been material prosperity in offices

Exaggerated? Absolutely no way. After all, how can it be that our industrial nation is no longer able to manufacture many key products in medicine, pharmacy or information technology itself and thus becomes dependent on competing economic areas? Why do we seem to have nothing more urgent in mind than to allow vehicle construction, robotics, machine tool construction to take place elsewhere or to want to give up control over them? Why do managers make such decisions and why does politics allow all of this?

Bad isn't it? But it's our own fault

We engineers are intoxicated with technical possibilities, experience spectacular solutions at events such as the most recent Hanover Fair and have built the best factories in the world. But if we were to lift our technology-loving head and look around, we would have to find that outside of our technology bubble, hardly anyone is interested in what we do.

Do we want to continue to stand by and watch that production and industry are viewed as something that can be dispensed with in the public eye? We production engineers should finally regain control over industrial production.

Get out of the bubble and into the public eye, and definitely emotionally. Into the schools, into the public eye, into the media.

Fascination with production? Yes why not?

Engineers and industries such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and chemistry have strong associations that can do something here, I correct myself: absolutely must.

Production is not only indispensable, it is immensely fascinating. And everyone should know this.