Why do cheap jeans smell so bad

Five tricks that the laundry never grumbles with again!

Freshly washed laundry should also smell like this: fresh. If she doesn't do that or if she smells at all, these five tricks can help.

If T-shirts or sports gear smell bad even after washing, that's annoying. There are simple tricks to get the smell of sweat out of your clothes.

1. Wash at least 60 degrees hot

More and more consumers only wash at low temperatures and use detergents very sparingly. This protects the environment, but in the long run it can lead to residues that contain bacteria building up in the washing machine. These are only effectively killed from 60 degrees. So if you regularly "only" wash at 40 degrees or lower, you shouldn't be surprised if the laundry comes out of the machine with a bad smell. It is best to wash regularly at 60 degrees. This is how you can remove unpleasant odors from your laundry.

2. Use heavy duty detergent in powder form

It is well known that powder detergents clean more effectively than liquid detergents. To eliminate unpleasant odors, it is also advisable to use heavy-duty detergents. In contrast to color detergents, this contains bleach, which not only removes stains but also kills bacteria. However, this only works at a temperature of at least 50 degrees. The bleach will not work at lower washing temperatures. Alternatively, some liquid bleach can be added to the color detergent.

3. Pay attention to long washing times

The laundry will only get really clean with a sufficiently long washing time. Anyone who has problems with grumpy clothes should therefore avoid short wash programs. Special hygiene washing programs, such as those offered by many machines, are, however, superfluous.

4. Fight odors with a vinegar solution

And what helps with grumpy clothes that are not suitable for 60 degrees washing? The solution here is: vinegar essence! Sweat stains in the armpit area of ​​T-shirts can be soaked in vinegar essence (5% vinegar or citric acid solution) or pretreated with gall soap before washing. Alternatively, a little vinegar essence can be added to the detergent in the machine. The amount of a shot glass is sufficient here.

5. Remove residues in the washing machine

Only a clean washing machine prevents unpleasant odors. Anyone who has problems with grumpy clothes should therefore first check: Is the fluff filter clean? Has the detergent drawer been cleaned? The window clean?

Residues in the machine can be removed by running the machine through once a month without washing at at least 60 degrees with heavy-duty detergent powder or by using a special cleaning program.

6. Dry sweaty things immediately

However, once the bad smell is inside the clothes, it is often difficult to get it out again. It is therefore advisable to dry sweaty things immediately and not leave them in the sports bag for hours.