Why are guys calm during sex

Talk dirrrty: 8 hot things he loves to hear in bed

Having fun in bed requires one thing: that both of you feel completely at ease. And it gets even better when the self-confidence experiences highs, then the passion goes through the roof! So the best opportunity to show each other (and also to say!) How incredibly good you feel.

1. Tell him what you think is hot about him

Confidence in bed is a good thing. That inspires and makes sex even better for both of them. So tell him openly what you think is hot about him, which part of the body makes you very nervous. You wouldn't feel any different if he complimented you, would you?

2. He will enjoy your moaning

Probably the greatest compliment you can give him in bed is when he can see (and hear) your arousal. After all, he wants to satisfy you. And if he succeeds in that, then he is as proud as he is! So be loud when you feel like it - and forget about the neighbors. They're just jealous.

3. I've never had such an orgasm!

You don't have to talk the sex down, but if you are exhausted in your arms afterwards because the sex was just brilliant, then you can tell him that. Be careful only with comparisons. You don't have to mention his predecessors to tell him how good he was.

4. Surprise me - and show me what turns you on

If you show him that you are open to new things and leave yourself to his wishes, then he will certainly not say no, but try to seduce you by the line and thread (better still: to surprise yourself). And of course you could also benefit from it if he reaches into previously unopened pampering drawers.

5. From now on I always want that, please!

A promise of love with an erotic intention, that has a lot of resonance, especially in a steady relationship. Even with him! Provided, of course, that he is really serious about the two of you! But you can best assess that yourself.

6. The best sex I've ever had!

Of course, you can't bring it every time ... But if you breath that in the middle of his ear, then he will not only run at full speed, but also grin like a honey cake horse for the rest of the day.

7. Oh, can we do this again, please?

Yes please! More, more, more of it! That screams for a repetition of a damn good number! Since he will be able to do anything but say 'no'. A little break, and on it goes!

8. And it works without words

Anyone who trembles all over, groans and presses against him does not need to formulate an (indirect) compliment. With these physical reactions he also knows that it was just right, really phenomenal!

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