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Maintaining the vacuum cleaner: how to increase its service life

If the suction power of the vacuum cleaner decreases, a thorough cleaning can solve the problem. Regular cleaning of the vacuum cleaner can prevent the device from dropping out. How to get the vacuum cleaner really clean step by step:

The floor nozzle should be thoroughly cleaned of obvious dirt. An old comb will help comb stubborn dirt out of the brushes. The suction opening should be completely free.

The pipes and attachments: If the vacuum cleaner tube is clogged, the blockage can be loosened with a long stick. Any build-up of dirt that builds up over time can be removed with water. Simply rinse the pipe with hot water, put it in warm water with washing-up liquid for a while in the case of stubborn dirt and then rinse thoroughly. Attachments should be wiped regularly with a damp cloth.

The collecting container Bagless vacuum cleaners should be emptied regularly. Dirt residues can be removed with a damp cloth.

The filter is usually completely replaced in vacuum cleaners with a bag. In the case of devices that do not require a vacuum cleaner bag, the filters must be cleaned regularly. It is sufficient to simply rinse the filter thoroughly under running water. Unfortunately, the filter has to be cleaned relatively often, as a dirty filter has a significant negative impact on suction performance. After you have thoroughly cleaned the filter with water, it should dry completely and only then be put back into the vacuum cleaner.

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