Time heals all wounds every time

Time heals all wounds.#

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Time heals all wounds It is said, for example, but the question arises whether this promise that at some point every pain, every disappointment will be overcome, can comfort everyone [...]. P97 / SEP.33716 Die Presse, 08.09.1997, department: Inland; About how we deal with time

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During his apprenticeship, Walter jumped in front of the train when he was tired of life. He hardly saw it because of the wide front of the locomotive, but the experience was deep. "At some point it was time heals all wounds As the saying goes. "The hope remains that it will never happen again. B07 / AUG.55608 Berliner Zeitung, August 11, 2007; Martin Walter drives - morning, noon, evening, night [p. 3])

[Document 3] (section meaning (s)):

[...] Mewes had a demanding task to master in the past seven days. The coach was [...] busy with largely driving the surprising defeat [...] from the minds of his players. " Time heals all wounds . There were still many long faces on Monday. But now the mood is pretty good again, "says Mewes. RHZ06 / APR.14532 Rhein-Zeitung, April 15, 2006; Only a victory prevents an early end

[Document 4] (Section use-specific feature (s)):

The grief pedagogue [...] has been leading the working group "grief counseling" [...] for years. She gathers questions that have been asked of her and tries to give an answer away from the stereotypes "I'm sorry" or " time heals all wounds . "RHZ99 / NOV.22247 Rhein-Zeitung, 11/29/1999; Accompaniment through the mourning

[Document 5] (Section use-specific feature (s)):

[...] according to the unanimous opinion of the [...] assembled psychologists and psychiatrists, the following sentence applies: " Time heals the Wounds "Not for the survivors of the concentration camps. [...] Holocaust survivors retraumatize in old age when there are dire events [...] such as" when a partner or a child dies ". T89 / OCT. 32655 the daily newspaper, October 14, 1989, p. 5; "Wounds that time does not heal"

[Document 6] (Section use-specific feature (s)):

A seminar to accompany grieving relatives begins on Tuesday [...] Why such a seminar? It means time heals all wounds . All too often this is not true. RHZ02 / MAY. 15638 Rhein-Zeitung, May 23, 2002; Mourning brings - vitality

[Document 7] (Section use feature (s)):

Just don't think about it. That had helped her over the past few months, when she felt so sore, as if she had been dragged through the city with the hangman's horse. [...] Time heals all wounds Stefana, her maid and confidante during these difficult times, had always said. RHZ08 / JAN. 11249 Rhein-Zeitung, January 15, 2008; Hardly alone, she threw the gazette ...

[Document 8] (Section use feature (s)):

"Emotionally, Fürth is no longer an issue for me," assured Klopp in yesterday's press conference. Whether that's really true, or whether he's trying to convince himself - who knows? [...] "The nice thing is: We haven't been there for three years, and time heals all wounds . I have a good feeling now. Nothing in me, "so the 40-year-old determined," says that things can't go there for us. "RHZ07 / AUG.16327 Rhein-Zeitung, August 17, 2007; Only Wache knows the curse

[Document 9] (Section use-specific feature (s)):

Time heals as is well known all wounds , obviously not Boris Becker's wrist injury. R97 / MAR.22875 Frankfurter Rundschau, March 24th, 1997, p. 31, department: SPORT; The "German taxpayer" said the game against Dreekmann at short notice

[Document 10] (Section use-specific feature (s)):

It is said time heal all wounds . But it makes some things worse. Burn injuries that get under the skin remain. K96 / AUG.06376 Kleine Zeitung, 08/28/1996, section: local; Under the skin

[Document 11] (Section Variants - Shape Variants):

And at some point I noticed that old proverbs like " time heals all wounds "Although they are worn and could have come from our grandmothers, they still contain some truth in themselves. Even if the healed wound can leave large scars. R97 / NOV.92000 Frankfurter Rundschau, November 20, 1997, p. 17, section: STADTTEIL-RUNDSCHAU ; The death of loved ones leaves scars / "Life goes on, that's that

[Document 12] (Section Variants - Form Variants):

“It is a primal human trait to forget the negative and keep the positive, regardless of the respective culture,” says Wagner. In the case of smaller incidents this works automatically, the vernacular sums up this process in the wisdom of life « The time heals wounds " together. A98 / SEP.56600 St. Galler Tagblatt, 12.09.1998, department: TB-LBN (abbr.); Back to everyday life

[Document 13] (Section Variants - Replacement of Components):

«It is said heal time the Wounds »Says the burly Napolitano, who wears a T-shirt with a photo of his son in uniform. "But you can never get over the loss of a child." SOZ06 / SEP.01929 Southeastern Switzerland, 10.09.2006; «I can't and don't want to forget that»)

[Document 14] (Section Variants - Replacement of Components):

The eye is still blue, the cuts on the face bloody, but thank God not too deep - time heals these Wounds . But what becomes of the fear, the hatred of the violent perpetrator? Four days after the brutal attack [...] the victim has both feet firmly on his feet again, but the shock is deep in the bones: "I feel an uncanny aggressiveness in me!" M98 / FEB.12917 Mannheimer Morgen, February 13, 1998; Wounds on the face and anger in the stomach

[Document 15] (Section Variants - Replacement of Components):

People get used to deprivation and humiliation to a certain extent, but they never completely stop suffering from them. " Time heals no Wounds ", believes Frijda. Z95 / 511.06737 Die Zeit, 11/17/1995; The Spartan woman and the milk bottle

[Document 16] (Section Variants - Replacement of Components):

Certainly, time heals lots Wounds . But the wounds inflicted on the soul do not heal that quickly. T90 / JUN. 25856 the daily newspaper, June 23, 1990, p. 1; "Berlin tastes of the future again"

[Document 17] (section Typical use in the text):

My mom always tells me that Time heals all wounds . I don't know if time really heals everything, but it certainly helps. I'm still hurt because I lost my dad and that will always hurt a little, so the theory doesn't always work. B04 / JUL.48480 Berliner Zeitung, July 1st, 2004; "What makes me happy?" [S. 15]

[Document 18] (section Typical use in the text):
Afrim Hashani was lucky: on Monday the refugee Kosovar Albanian flies to his new home [...]. He and his family will start a new life in the USA. "At the moment I don't want to see any more Serbs. But time heals all wounds "says Afrim.

K99 / JUN. 43948 Kleine Zeitung, June 16, 1999, section: world politics; The long wait for the return

[Document 19] (section Typical use in the text):

"I had three small children and didn't know: can I even let them out?" But time heals all wounds : When the imminent danger was over in Germany, Chernobyl was quickly ticked off in people's minds. RHZ06 / APR.22685 Rhein-Zeitung, April 25, 2006; Association helps children from Chernobyl

[Document 20] (section Typical use in the text):

Time heals Not all wounds - even if the vernacular tries to make you believe otherwise. Anyone who has experienced severe trauma, such as a victim of a violent crime or torture, suffers from the consequences for a long time. Investigations [...] have shown that. T05 / MAR.05109 the daily newspaper, 26.03.2005, p. 31; Long suffering

[Document 21] (Free document):

Since the infection, he has lacked the shin muscle that once moved the foot. It will remain rigid, as if frozen. Time heals all wounds . And who heals time when it is the wound? A routine surgery with side effects. T00 / JUN.28912 die tageszeitung, June 26th, 2000, p. 5, section: Topics of the day; Nightmare in white

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