How can I easily prepare vegetarian meals

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Recipes for vegetarian main courses

Cooking and enjoying vegetarian food is now part of everyday life for many people. We have developed delicious recipe ideas with many creative variations so that the meat-free and fish-free dishes are full and varied meals. Classics from Swiss cuisine such as fondue, raclette, Älplermagronen or flan are popular and can be transformed into many different taste experiences with just a few ingredients and a little imagination. Have you ever tried a tomato fondue? Cannelloni, pizza, gnocchi, spaghetti or lasagna can also be used to create fantastic veggie dishes without meat, but with many different types of vegetables. One of our favorites is for sure the lasagna with leek and blue cheese. Gorgeous! There is classic street food - but for sure! - as a delicious veggie one-pot dish, shakshuka, burger, couscous Buddha bowl and wraps. We are also of the opinion that you can conjure up something fine from omelettes or polenta. For those with a sweet tooth, the recipe collection includes Fotzelschnitte, apple pie, rice pudding or Kaiserschmarren. Vegetarian food not only creates a healthy variety, it is also inexpensive and often easy and quick to prepare. We have collected so many tasty and exciting vegetarian menus - there is no cooking routine. Our immense selection of veggie dishes will convince even committed meat lovers.