Why are rabbits nocturnal animals

How much sleep do cats, dogs and rodents need?

How much sleep does a dog need?

Pet owners often wonder how much sleep their pet needs. Dogs, for example, need more sleep and have more deep sleep phases than humans because these are much shorter in and of themselves. The dream phase of your four-legged friend lasts about 15 minutes and joins about 20 more in one night. Between the deep sleep phases, a dog is always awake for a few minutes to protect itself from possible attacks. Overall, dogs sleep between 17 and 20 hours a day. However, this also includes periods of rest that your dog spends snoozing in the office. This long sleep and rest period does not have to be observed every day. But dogs enjoy simply doing nothing.


In the office and at home, your dog needs enough space to sleep. If he sleeps at the same height as you - i.e. in bed or on the couch - he feels equal to you, which can also affect your respect. A place to sleep on the floor ensures that you remain the boss. It should be as soft as possible, away from drafts and especially for older dogs. Cups with raised edges serve to store heat and provide support. In the office, it is best to have at least a familiar blanket ready as a place to rest or sleep so that Bello dares to sit down. You should also use him enough so that he can look forward to a good night's sleep in the office.


Why do cats sleep so much?

Cats are active animals that are constantly on the hunt, especially outside. They consume a lot of energy, which they can replenish with a good night's sleep. In addition, the many impressions of their adventures have to be processed in their sleep. A cat sleeps up to two thirds of the day, i.e. about 15 hours. The deep sleep phases in cats are even shorter than in dogs: They only last six to eight minutes.


Basically, the cat sleep is based on their daily form and is therefore highly individual. A cat sets priorities. When playing, there is no sleep. During the mating season, it goes outside and not into the basket. Conversely, "katz" prefers to snuggle up in the corner when the weather is bad. And when her people are out and bored, she uses the time to take a nap.


Why is the rabbit always awake?

Rodents are nocturnal. This includes hamsters as well as rabbits. Hamsters only come out of their house in the evening and should therefore not be disturbed while sleeping during the day. Ultimately, this could shorten their life expectancy. Because of this, the best time to watch the hamster is in the evening.


Rabbits also belong to the group of nocturnal pets. Some rabbit owners may have the impression that they are constantly awake. This is due to the frequent changes in their activities. You do not come to rest for several hours. Rabbits want to eat, sleep, then hop and eat again and then run and sleep again. The most active change cycle takes place at night. In their short sleep phases, they lie on their side with their eyes slightly open in order to be prepared for possible dangers.


It is obvious that the after-active rodents do not stand in their own bedroom, but should preferably have their own large enclosure. Ideally, depending on the temperature, of course, it is outside.


And this is what your darling's sleeping habits look like! Thank you for the submissions via our Facebook page. We look forward to more!