Will React finally beats Vue and Angular

Digital Svelte follows suit: Official support for TypeScript is here

Flutter: Google asks Microsoft for support for Windows 10 and other platforms

While Google is still a red rag for the Microsoft community in many cases and they usually do everything possible to avoid contact with the company from Mountain View as much as possible, the two technology companies are working ever closer behind the scenes together. This is particularly evident with Chromium, where [...] Flutter itself is an open source framework for developing cross-platform apps, which is under the BSD license and uses the Dart programming language. The principle is similar to what Facebook is pursuing with React Native or Microsoft with Xamarin and Blazor within the .NET framework.

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Support for TypeScript has long been at the top of the wish list of Svelte users. Recently the Svelte blog finally announced first-class support for the statically typed web dev favorite.

Like React, Vue or Angular, Svelte is a framework for building web applications. In contrast to other, traditional tools, Svelte does not use a virtual DOM, but converts the framework code into pure vanilla JS at compile time. Among other things, this means that projects built with Svelte are often many times leaner. You can read about how things compare to React when building a to-do app, for example in t3n 59, Lucas Korten presented the framework for us once in this magazine issue.

Wasn't that possible before?

Writing TypeScript in Svelte was also possible before. However, up to now this was associated with significantly more effort: Many different, decoupled tools had to be integrated into the project in question. The team behind Svelte recently took on the matter: All the tools you need to use TypeScript in Svelte are now officially under the patronage of the Svelte core team, according to the related blog post on the Svelte blog .

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You can easily create a new Svelte project with TypeScript support out of the box as follows:

How to create a Svelte project with TS support. (Screenshot: t3n)


(Screenshot: t3n)

you can then install the required dependencies as usual, start rollup - the bundler used by Svelte - via npm run dev and call up your project as usual on http: // localhost: 5000 /. If you now edit a file in the src folder, save it and do a page refresh, you should be able to see the changes here. By default, the server initially only replies to requests from the localhost. To allow connections from other computers, you have to edit the sirv commands in the project's package.json so that they contain the --host option. A short guide on how to run the project in production mode, edit it and finally deploy it via Vercel or Surge can be found in the Svelte template project on GitHub.

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The new native TS support is expressed as follows: You can now use TypeScript within the

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