How can I be a good actor

Become a good actor or actress

Put yourself fully in your role.As an actor, it's not your job to rewrite the script so that you more personablework, and you won't get hired to bitch about the style or figure and instead play a different version of yourself. You are supposed to portray a character who appears believable in the world of the film, series or play. Like writers, directors, cinematographers, etc., you are part of a team and as such you have to function in order to put on a great show.
  • Don't be ashamed of something your role is doing because it is and will be a role and acting. If you are too cautious about vulgar, violent, sexually or emotionally difficult scenes, you will appear unrealistic and alienate your audience.
  • The best actors are fully immersed in their roles. Have you ever wondered why Tom Cruise is still a sought-after action star despite his age? Because he doesn't blink, do nonsense or stumble through his scenes uninvolved. He is always full of energy and one hundred percent committed, even in bizarre or funny situations.
  • Standing up for a role means doing whatever it takes to realistically portray a character. It's all about the character, not how you look your best as an actor.