Why should you go away


Great freedom, all well and good - who actually says that you don't have it at home? Staying there can be an equally brave move. And every great adventure ends with the fact that you only have to pay your electricity bill yourself from afar. You can have that when you move out at home. But you don't risk missing familiar surroundings, breaking friendships and only seeing your family on birthdays and at Christmas - if not less.

Whoever goes away is looking for something. Maybe the one who stays has already found it? That is why it can be exactly the right way for you not to turn your back on your homeland, but to make a conscious decision to continue living there. Because maybe there is only one real home for you - and that cannot be transplanted anywhere else.

Sure, it might look chic on your résumé if you've been here and there, but you can also travel from your home base or go abroad for a while. In return, you save yourself the major frictional losses that every new start brings with it: whoever leaves always leaves people, places and memories behind. And it can also be attractive to stay professionally: Maybe your dream employer is right in your neighborhood? Maybe you want to do an apprenticeship in a company that you already know - like at the Sparkasse, in the branch where you opened your first own account? Or does the local university offer exciting courses? Freedom means that you can decide what you really want: If your heart beats for your home, then stay!