Can my parents make me pray?

Religions you don't want

So Christianity is such that you can pray when you want and you can choose to pray on your knees or standing up. It's a prayer to God. Or you can also pray for yourself in your head. I am still a teenager myself and was voluntarily baptized a month and a half ago. Baptism is when you choose to accept God's gift. That means accepting and knowing that Jesus died for me on the cross and that he will forgive my sins if I believe in him with my heart. Yes, with us it's very free. If we want to obey our law, we ask God to help us obey it, and if we love him and believe in him and accept him, we obey the law automatically. We are free. I don't know how it is in Islam but Christians are allowed to put on make-up as long as we don't put it above God or it restricts our bond with God. In other words, it should not limit our relationship with God or lead to sin. I can advise you, you can take a look and try to pray to God and see how it is. Maybe you can feel something in your heart. Just talk to God.

I don't know if Islam is exactly the way I wrote it, but that's just the way it is with us. You should know which religion is best for you. Judaism, Christianity or Islam, you can choose or ask God to give you advice and give you wisdom. People who ask him for wisdom will also get it. But I will give you one piece of advice, no matter which religion of the three you are in: Just believe in Jesus Christ. He also has an open ear for Muslims, just for everyone ;-)