Why is it so painful to be betrayed

Women feel separations more painful than men

For the study, the researchers asked 5,705 people from 96 countries about the process of their separation. On a scale from 0 to 10, they were asked to rate how painful their breakup was for themselves.

The results show that Women generally judge breakups to be more painful - but they also get over them much healthier. They tend to cry, bother with it and talk to friends about it and process it. Men, on the other hand, prefer to sweep them under the carpet and don't know how to deal with negative emotions properly.

However, the results also show that when we get involved with new people after a breakup, we go through a phase of growth and in the end even benefit from the breakup.

On the one hand, we are then no longer with someone who has treated us badly, on the other hand, we also gain a better perspective with regard to future relationships. The study shows: In fact, after six months, women betrayed were shown to have higher emotional intelligence and self-confidence, while men who were betrayed also developed a "stronger personality".

The real loser in the situation is the "other woman"

As part of the study, the long-term effects of an affair were also examined for the first time. Even if it initially feels as if you have "lost" to the cheated person, it turns out that you even win in the long run: Because the study comes to the conclusion that the beloved is usually "worse off" in the future. and in most cases fail to build a successful relationship.

The reason: "They show behavior that is damaging to their reputation and that reduces their ability to get a long-term partner of high quality in the future," the researchers said. Sounds hard!

What do we learn from it? Although it hurts after such a painful and disappointing breakup, we should look ahead and focus on the positive things. Because it is actually a hidden blessing: The ex-partner has not only shown his true colors, but we can also benefit psychologically - and develop ourselves further as a personality!

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