What is good friendship

What is true friendship?

Last update: 26th August, 2019

“Don't go behind me, maybe I'm not leading. Don't go ahead of me, maybe I won't follow. Just walk next to me and be my friend. "

Albert Camus

Friendship is probably the most perfect form of love. In contrast to family relationshipsfriendship is a connection that you choose yourself and that is not inherited.In contrast to a partnershipThere are no compromises or exclusive pacts in friendship.

also Every form of love also includes friendship, but friendship, in turn, does not require the interweaving of other forms of love.

They say that whoever has a friend has a treasure. And that's true too.Good friends are balm for lifeand the best remedy for any physical or mental illness.

However, not all people with whom we have a long-term relationship are also our friends. In addition, not all of those who claim to be our friends are actually friends.Deep and sincere friendships are rareand that is precisely why we must learn to appreciate them.

What is true friendship?

A true friend truly cares about you

He doesn't just show up when he needs you or when he has nothing better to do. Thereforehe knows what is happening to you and doesn't expect you to approach him to be present.He wants to know everything about you and he'll be the first to be around when you have a big problem.

His concern for you is altruistic. He just loves you and wants you to be fine. He will not "die" when something bad happens to you, nor will he feel the emotional intensity that other relationships do, but you willalways have the certainty that he is there for you.

He doesn't want to judge you, he wants to understand

"A friend is a person who can be thought out loud."


Friendship presupposes mutual acceptance.A true friend does not want to change you, nor is he in a position to criticize you or question your life.He knows you are not perfect, but he doesn't feel it necessary to show you that. And if he does, it is certainly with the intention that you have to suffer less and not that you transform yourself into a different person.

A true friend is open to understanding. When you talk to him about your problems, he will try to understand your position, not highlight your mistakes. This is whyyou feel comfortable with this person, being yourself by showing you who you really are.

He makes difficult situations easier for you

A true friend knows that he is neither your mother nor your confessor or your psychologist. That's why he shares difficult moments automatically and honestly with youinstead of giving you a lecture or playing the moral code.

If he knows you're hot, he'll take you for an ice cream or take you for a walk in the park. If he knows you are going through an awkward situation, he will belittle the drama by joking you and making the matter less serious.When he knows that you are suffering, he will stay calm and unobtrusive by your side.

He can listen to you

If there is one thing that defines true friendship, it is the ability to listen. This actually goes much deeper than just being silent while the other is talking.Real listening is respectful and warm-hearted.In addition, a true friend pays attention to the other person's words and helps them just by listening.

Knowing how to listen means not interrupting the other person when you don't need to. It means accepting what the other is trying to express without using gestures or acts of disapproval. Listening means silently accompanying someone while the latter gives shape to his ideas and feelings through his words.

He is honest and has a bad memory

True friends are not pretending to be anything to do with what they think of you or how they feel about you. The magic of every friendship lies precisely in that those involved trust each other and know what they have in others.There is no room for false courtesy or hypocrisy between true friends.

In other types of relationships, displeasure and disputes can develop. But not in a friendship.True friendship forgets such conflicts very quickly and moves on to the next chapter without any problems.Certainly there are limits here, too, but everyday disagreements don't have much influence on a friendship.

True friendship arises between two people. In addition to considering whether your friends meet all of these conditions, we invite you to consider whether you are also a good friend. Only one thing is certain: Those who know how to be a good friend will find true friends in others too.