What is it like to love someone

Real love: These 15 signs will tell you whether it's real love

"Love is not about looking at each other, but about looking together in the same direction." The French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery uses his words to illustrate the difference between liking and loving.

Unconscious actions reveal our feelings

This looking at one another shapes the first phase of a relationship. We see the new partner with all his rough edges through rose-colored glasses, which in turn neatly grinds these rough edges. Only when we still enjoy looking at our partner after the intoxication of being in love can we begin to look in the same direction with him. With a little trust, liking can turn into love over time.

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Unfortunately, our life rarely functions like a Hollywood script. In a partnership, we have to find out for ourselves whether our feelings are true love and whether we want to invest feelings and time in this relationship. A firm bottom is of course not the measure of all things. So: is he perhaps the one, or is he just one of many?

15 signs of true love

Of course, this is not a "guide" - the nice thing about love is that it cannot be clearly defined. Still, some signs suggest that the tingling sensation in your stomach is actually love.

1. You can't get it out of your head

Whether in the morning after getting up, ordering coffee, buying dog food - this guy gets lost in your thoughts at the most impossible times.

2. Countless shared (happy) photos on your smartphone

Snapshots from hiking together, proud photos at family celebrations - always with a smile on their faces - run through your entire photo gallery.

3. You understand each other almost wordlessly

You know exactly what it means when he sends this or that emoji, when his forehead wrinkles and / or he starts to gesticulate wildly with his hands.

4. You trust one another completely

Has he said goodbye to the men's group and hasn't been in touch for hours? If the alarm bells don't ring for you immediately and you don't see him lying in the arms of a busty beauty, everything is fine, because - you two trust each other.

5. Buying gifts is not an insoluble problem for you

... simply because you know that this is about the gesture. You also know exactly what you can do to make your loved one happy.

6. You keep falling in love again and again

Sometimes, for example, if you see your loved one in their cozy sweater, you could eat them up. Love goes by with time You can't understand where the saying comes from.

7. "What do you like on your burger?"

This question is superfluous - he not only knows very well that you don't want tomatoes / cucumbers / mayo, but also whether you like milk and / or sugar in your coffee.

8. Favorite series

Joint Netflix evenings are your passion - you both know exactly which series the other person is passionate about. And be ready to let your partner go first.

9. You jump into the breach for one another

A topic of conversation arises in the clique where you are unintentionally the center of attention. After a meaningful look, your partner steers the conversation in a different direction - because you understand each other without words.

10. You can also say "I love you" without words

Every relationship speaks a different language - "I love you" doesn't always have to be put into words. With one couple it is a light handshake, another couple taps three times on the shoulder and knows exactly what the partner wants to express.

11. You like to think about your future together

Looking into the future may be scary for some, but you are completely relaxed about the topic and even enjoy planning for the long term. You look forward to joint travel, relocation or other plans with great joy.

12. You tell yourselves when you feel bad

Secrecy is a foreign word for you. You know that you can always turn to your partner if something is on your mind - and vice versa.

13. You don't always agree

Arguing, doubting, being annoyed - all of these are completely normal in a relationship. It is important that in the event of a dispute you do not get the crisis straight away. Disagreements are an integral part of any partnership and show that you both have a mind of your own, represent your points of view and are open to discussion.

14. You know how important friendship is

You actually had an appointment for today, but his buddy / best friend needs him / you urgently today? Both you and he take it for granted. Friendly ties are just as important as the partner.

15. You two can make each other laugh

At any time. You know how to cheer him up after a long, busy day. He knows how to make you laugh when you feel like crying.

This is love

Quick check: five examples that illustrate the difference between liking and true love


Like: You introduce it to your friends because it's a great party accessory.

Love: You introduce him to your family because your grandpa is sure to like him.

future plans

Like: You plan the next weekend with him because you can get to the festival easily and comfortably with his car.

Love: You would like to have him by your side on your birthday in two years, because he just makes you happy.

External impact

Like: You are wondering whether he will appear dressed appropriately for the occasion at your best friend's party.

Love: You don’t worry about what he’s going to wear, because you love him in his worn out sneakers too.


Like: You can talk to each other without a period or comma.

Love: You might as well be silent together.


Like: You value his good character traits.

Love: You accept his bad character traits. And know that he does the same the other way around.