The death of lesbians in bed is common

"80 percent of female soccer players are lesbian"

The Viennese sports sociologist Otmar Weiß sees widespread homosexuality in women's sports as a problem.

"You'll see, we'll turn you around too." Such sentences are occasionally used during training. Ingrid Kornberger knows that they are not meant seriously. Nevertheless, the soccer player reacts extremely vigorously to such jokes. “We want lesbian and heterosexual women to feel comfortable with us,” she emphasizes. The fact that far more than half of the women's team at SV Feldkirchen is lesbian is not a problem for any player. But of course you have to prepare the young players for it, says Kornberger.

Wherever it is not openly discussed, conflicts often arise. For the Viennese sports sociologist Otmar Weiß, “the high proportion of homosexuals in women's sports” is a “huge problem”. “Many young girls cannot deal with these experiences, are overwhelmed and are often left in the lurch,” says the professor at the University of Vienna . White sometimes also sees discrimination against heterosexuals. Girls often end their athletic careers. Especially under pressure from parents. “A lot of parents don't want their daughter to become a lesbian,” says Weiß.

“Girls play soccer because they want to play soccer,” he emphasizes. The sociologist takes the view that women within a team are much more likely to be homosexual than men. “Women have a much more emotional closeness to one another. You have much stronger physical contact when dealing with others. Girlfriends tell each other much more intimate things than men do to each other, ”says Weiß. Touching is simply not common among men, even if they are the best of friends.

For Kornberger, too, it is obvious that women's teams work very differently from “men”. However, she finds other arguments for it: “Gays just have a feminine side, and they usually don't know what to do with football.” Whereas lesbians are more interested in things that are commonly referred to as men’s business. In football, that's definitely the case, says Kornberger. But it must be tedious to gain a foothold in this macho world? “You're used to swimming against the current, so that doesn't matter anymore,” says Kornberger ironically.

“80 percent of female soccer players are lesbian. At least that's the case in the upper leagues, ”says the Styrian. And she also admits that this dominance of lesbians is not always positive for the team spirit in her team. "I would prefer it if it was more balanced," she says.

Sports sociologist Weiss firmly rejects the fact that resentment against homosexuals is much greater in sport than in other areas of society. “That is an outright prejudice,” he says. The “social world of sport” is there for everyone. For Weiß, sport is the “greatest mediator of meaning in modern society”. Sport has become a kind of substitute religion.

Ingrid Kornberger also believes that the pressure on homosexuals in politics is much higher than in sports. “In politics, private life is much more in the foreground,” she says. “In sport, performance counts. And if the performance is right, it doesn't matter who shares the bed with whom in the evening. "

Kornberger believes, however, that men are much more likely to see homosexual teammates as a "threat". The fears are much more pronounced than among women. When a player observes two teammates kissing for the first time, they just hear: “You shouldn't think of anything. That's the way it is with us. "

("Die Presse", print edition, June 21, 2009)