What are Christian values

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As the daughter of a former CSP canton politician, I listen carefully when discussions about abolishing the C - in the CVP - are publicly discussed. It was not that long ago that the C was mentioned in the CVP as a unique selling point compared to other center parties. Being Christian seems to be an obstacle or a negligible element in society. In the newspaper I read that party presidents of the cantonal parties are hurrying to announce that the party wants to adhere to the "Christian values", simply wants to delete the C from the name, because that has nothing to do with whether you are regular go to church service. Young party presidents are bothered by the fact that one could assume that they regularly attended the service.

The whole discussion makes me very thoughtful. I can put it in the short formula

"Christian values" - yes

"Christian faith" - better not.

I mean, Christian values ​​without a reference to a Christian denomination do not work. By definition, Christian values ​​are: values ​​that are developed with a Christian reference. The values ​​can be justified within the framework of theological ethics and with this there are demands that Christian faith should form the basis for social action and social norms.

Christian values ​​without Christian faith are not possible. Values ​​and traditions are subject to change. In our day and age, individual freedom and freedom of choice are valued very highly. I think it's right. Nevertheless, we are social beings who are part of a community. If “Christian values” such as the demand: “What you do not want what you do to you, don't add it to anyone else” are consensus that you want to maintain, then you need an adult discussion about what these values ​​are based on . An individual Christianity is not possible. Believing in Christianity only works together with others, even if you have different opinions. Having a little more knowledge of faith certainly doesn't do any harm. They can acquire this knowledge through books or by entering into discussions and dialogues with representatives of the churches. It is up to you to decide whether this happens after a service on Sunday or in a dialogue on this blog. I look forward to your questions and the resulting discussions.