What was the greatest betrayal you have seen


Friedensreich Hundertwasser

In thingEU the Austrian public is subjected to unparalleled dogmatic brainwashing by the state media. There is an infamous, veiled censorship on television, on the radio and in almost all of the press.


I wouldn't believe that in a democracy either if I hadn't experienced this kind of censorship myself. Under all sorts of pretexts and pretexts I was hindered and prevented several times, public an antiEU-Make your opinion.


The pretexts were: it doesn't fit into the show, I am not allowed to read anything, I wouldn't be responsible for it, I would be crazy or someone tries to make me untrustworthy with targeted defamation.


My concerns and fears are in theEU- States themselves have long been confirmed. Why not listen to Leopold Kohr (The End of the Great), Ernst Friedrich Schumacher (Small is beautiful), Jimmy Goldsmith (Le piège - et si nous avions suivi la mauvaise route?), Henry Coston (L'europe des banquiers), Jean Pierre Chevenement, Margaret Thatcher, Philippe Seguin, Marie-France Garaud, Elisabeth Guigou, Alberto Miele (Cacciamo i mercanti dal tempio dell'europa), Gerard de Selys, Dr. Manfred Brunner (Anti-Maastricht Party), Sir Ralf Dahrendorf (Ex-EU Commissioner: "artificial superconstruction not viable"), Denis de Rougemont (L'europe doit se faire pour la diversité) and countless other warners.


Austria has been chosen by history to be the example and center and stop in Central Europe. Austria is a bridge of hope to the east.


Since the war we have painstakingly built up a huge capital of prosperity, inner peace, international respect and credibility as an independent, lovable, peace-loving cultural nation in the heart of Europe. That cannot be jeopardized short-sightedly and irresponsibly.


Especially now, after the collapse of the communist dictatorship and the opening of the borders, Austria must be aware of its responsibility in Europe and must not eliminate itself.


A panic at the end of the gate suggested to us creates a follow-up neurosis. Afraid of what or who? What enemies does Austria have? Who should and why endanger Austria's security? Just by joining a military bloc, Austria, as the "outskirts of Ostmark", would only become a deployment area and an enemy image and target (warning from Erwin Lanc). There is no herb against nuclear threats and there are none in regional wars - see BosniaEU-Protection, not even in Northern Ireland, within theEU self.


Austria's neutrality is more necessary now than ever before. You have to call neutrality by its name and stand by it. Neutrality is a real value. Permanent neutrality is the foundation of our state and must not be betrayed or undermined. If we undermine this foundation, we will destroy this state of ours, Austria, which is built on it.


From now on, Austria's neutrality means independence, independence, freedom, responsibility, setting an example, and active neutrality.


Here, too, Switzerland is an example and is also mentioned as an example in the State Treaty.


There is no need to dig a trench across Europe right now. It is as if there were enemy territory east of Vienna. The border posts are being relocated from Germany to the iron curtain that has just been removed! This new demarcation is not only across Europe, but across Austria, where the Danube Monarchy was. It would be irresponsible and dangerous to join an economic and political superiority to widen the gap between and the threat to the countries "outside". Austria's cultural, economic and historical destiny, Austria's responsibility and charisma lie in the east.


(This is also what the name Austria says.)


The fronts have changed. It is no longer the political borders, but the front runs between the brutal throwaway society, which is only interested in business, and the exploited nature and the destroyed human soul.

There is a new resistance and cowardly collaborators again.

The politicians in charge now are jumping jacks for economic interests and hypocrite environmental and cultural awareness with lip service. They decide on environmentally and culture-destroying measures that call our future into question.


The so-calledEU carries out the brutal destruction of our basis of life, our ancient cultures, our small, grown independence, our biodiversity and our self-respect.


TheseEU is a huge commercial agency for big business, trade unions, cooperatives, big banks, poison companies, monoculture monopolists and nuclear and geneLobby that wants to load us like good sheep together like slaughter cattle on a train going in the wrong direction.


This huge economic mafia is all about power and money and not about the well-being of nature and people.

A gigantic bad planning remotely controlled by irresponsible desk strategists destroys the foundations of our Europe, which has grown over ancient times.


Europe is experiencing the greatest rape in its history.


No intellectual and cultural renewal of Europe is coming from Brussels. No answers come from there to the questions that worry the consciences of the peoples of Europe (Alberto Miele).


From this new hegemony there are no messages that concern identity, our ancient values, the content of our civilization and the longings of the people of Europe.


Where are the cultures, the religions, the philosophies that give birth to a new European age?


Right now, when our society is reaching the limits of growth, decentralization is our only chance of survival.


A connection to this overpowering central authority, which still wants to pull through economic growth as a central dogma against all evidence, has catastrophic consequences for everyone involved.


Where to goEU trying to get us involved is merciless competition, a rampage into a large, dangerous illusion, into the impasse of economic growth. It would be madness to join this exclusive club of the throwaway society that throws itself in the trash and leads to absurdity.


If the product "EU" is so good, why do you have to advertise it so intensely? And this suspicious time pressure: We have to expropriate ourselves immediately, otherwise it will be too late!

All good things happen slowly by themselves in an organic process. You cannot persuade a tree with threats and persuade that it has to bloom in deep winter.


I don't understand why they are trying to persuade us by forceEUto board this sinking ship, right now.


TheseEU is a huge Titanic. The analogies with the sinking of the Titanic are terrifying. Here as there: conceptlessness, megalomania, excess, blind belief in technology and speed madness at all costs. There the race for the "blue ribbon" in the deadly icebergs, here the murderous race to the limits of the growth of the throwaway society that is destroying our environment and ourselves.


You don't get on such a "European unlucky steamer" and you don't trust our life and our future. It is better to stay in a small but maneuverable boat.


In practically the wholeEU It's all wild: Northern Ireland, Basque Country, Corsica, Mafia, Comorra, persecution of foreigners, racial hatred and pogroms, discrimination against Greenlanders, Macedonians and Bretons, brutal strikes, bloody riots, student revolts, drug-related crime, nuclear accidents, devastated regions, youth crime, apathy and disaster , soon 20 million unemployed and a state split in Flemings and Walloons, of all places in Brussels, the seat of the "European Union". In comparison, the "isolated Austria" and the Scandinavian countries, which you definitely have to go toEUwants to drive, it "outside" is still good.


It will be in theEU juggles human fates as if they were pawns on the chessboard. You can't fob off free farmers with money and send them to work, that's humiliating, or you can only use them as folklore and alibi farmers to show off for tourism. It's against honor and self-respect, it's worse than murder.


You pay the peasants for their suicide. The EU is asking farmers to destroy their own ancient culture. They get money for that. In contrast to disaster relief, the disaster is only set in motion willfully. Even with a lot of money, it is not possible to make amends for structures that have been slain. You can't bring the dead to life with money.


The desire of some powerful and competitive large industrialists to join theEU is to gain even more economic benefits. However, this is at the expense of small businesses and smallholders who are already at risk.


I know from my own experience that in theEU-States e.g. in France only agricultural cooperatives over 100 ha have a chance of survival.


It looks like this: either fallow, deserted fields, abandoned villages or leveling of terrain, removal of forests, trees and rocks that are annoying for large machines, leveling of ancient farmsteads, straightening of streams. A perfidious destruction, the gigantic effects of which exceed any war.


Increased use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, genetic manipulation, radiation and environmental toxins of all kinds, of course in theEU generated. A sadistic, technocratic destruction of all romanticism with the catchphrase: unprofitable. Monoculture as far as the eye can see. The farmer is ordered to systematically rape our means of survival, to poison and destroy the land, forests and meadows entrusted to him in trustworthy hands. Agriculture is becoming a gigantic agro-business industry.


The dependence of the peasants and of us all on industry, chemistry and monopoly economy, this new serfdom, is made possible by a connection to theEU increased to the unbearable.

Foreign, more powerful, more brutal commanders are taking the place of the local smaller firms.


It is the same with the smaller ones, i. H. all human businesses, they are being destroyed, but there are more large department stores, large banks and large-scale industrialization. In short, everything that makes all of our lives romantic, lovable and worth living in has hardly any chance of survival. The stupid brutalities win, the delicate values ​​perish because they cannot defend themselves.


Almost like the "Third Reich", the agro-business industry in the EU operates a brutal selection of pure-bred "elite" products and the elimination of "inferior" genes or seeds.


It starts with the beautiful, large apples, which must all be the same, which are grown in monoculture, in the same breed, with the same taste, and continues in the genetic "farm animal refinement" and the battery of laying hens. All non-productive life is eliminated. All unprofitable diversity, all otherness, all small parts, all useless biodiversity, all unprofitable beauty will be destroyed.


Small farmers, family businesses, romanticism, in short, our quality of life, die as a result.


By the death of the grocer (General stores), of farmers, family and small businesses, the dying of small identities creates a harmonization and anonymization of our society. People are robbed of their dignity. This creates a new dependency, a new enslavement, a new serfdom on an unprecedented scale.


That is the end of humanistic Europe.


What then remains is not a human-friendly, but a machine-friendly and computer-friendly world. It is a destruction of the higher values ​​that make Europe in all its diversity. It is the destruction of Europe.


The smallholders have to sell their houses and farms and land, become either unemployed or urban proletariat, or have to join agro-business co-operatives, where they are no longer subject to orders, on land that once belonged to them.


TheEU suffers from a growing army of unemployed, which already corresponds to the working population of a country 7 to 10 times the size of Austria!


One can imagine what a devastating example theEUso that the world gives when the 3 billion people who make a living in the third world in the countryside, thisEU BExample to be forced to follow.

A gigantic wave of refugees of 2 billion rural population - this "exode rural mondial", as Jimmy Goldsmith warns, the world can no longer bear.


The boundaries are like our skin. They protect the grown organism, our individual otherness from external threats such as heat and cold. If you remove the skin, the organism dies because it becomes defenseless. So we have protective tariffs to protect a vulnerable community. similar to how we use sunglasses and tick vaccinations etc. for our protection.


What God has separated, we should not unite by force.


There are natural borders such as the Sahara, the Mediterranean and the Alps, under whose protection ancient cultures such as the African, Mediterranean and Northern European cultures have formed. The Alps have a protective function for both the north and the south.


Unrestricted, senseless transit traffic is synonymous with tearing down and leveling the Alps, even if the traffic is tunneled under. Like Switzerland, Austria has an alpine protective guard function for Europe.


The feverish, unnatural, conceptless back and forth frenzy is madness and becomes in theEU to "boundless madness". We do everything in the place where we are, then we flee from our own destruction to do everything elsewhere, and everything will go along the way. This false trend is in theEU forced and supported.


Elisabeth Guigou puts it this way: An economy that is only geared towards short-term profitability, without a plan, without vision, without meaning, that produces job-devouring machines that are more and more dependent on the speed of transport and communication and that are less Ignoring the ecological equilibrium forces people to be as mobile as goods, capital, technologies and information, disregarding human dignity and the protection of the usual way of life, an economic dictatorship that triumphs over all other human activities ...


If you kill what you have to protect beforehand, you no longer need protection. First the farmers and the grocers(General stores) away and the small businesses and the "useless" biodiversity, the "unprofitable" diversity. First we have to adjust to international mediocrity, to poisoned food, genetically modified and irradiated food. First we have to level ourselves and destroy ourselves in anticipatory obedience, then the canEU March in and march through without resistance.


Austria as a whole becomes a vassal state, a new Ostmark. Of course, Austria's position as a neutral, environmentally conscious nation free of nuclear power will no longer be tenable. Austria can then no longer decide for itself what it does, what and how much it produces and to which countries it exports and from which it imports. Austria’s fortunes are made by strangers in Brussels or elsewhere in theEU definitely by desk strategists who don't give a damn about Austria's independence.

About Austria's will to be neutral, about Austria's environmental awareness, theEU-Command center just laughed.


The slogan "lonely or together" is a frightening, demagogic call for insecurity, lack of freedom and dependence. It may sound like a paradox, but everyone is strongest alone. From personal experience I know that an outsider is just as strong as the group and not weaker. The outsider is more flexible, more effective in his actions and in reacting than a clumsy, bureaucratic, chaotic organization.


Europe is only strong thanks to the diversity of its independence. This small-scale diversity must be strengthened and protected. This diversity is Europe. De Gaulle already recognized that Europe only has one chance as a Europe of independent, free fatherlands.


It is incomprehensible how irresponsibly our politicians want to give up our most valuable asset, our independence, freedom and autonomy and incapacitate Austria.

It is a betrayal of Austria.


The last connection there were also a lot of Seyss-Inquarts, Guislings, Petains, who in the situation at that time believed, probably out of conviction and patriotism, that they were doing the right thing and had to fulfill their duty by entrusting their country to a foreign hegemony.

Today history teaches us that what they did was wrong and harmful, and they have long since been branded, punished and executed as traitors and collaborators.


Caught up - hung up.

Under the mist of theEU the annexation to Germany is completed unnoticed by everyone. If then thisEU Shipwreck, we have lost a bit more of our independence and stick to our big German brother.


While maintaining all the differences, Austria has already experienced something similar when, for economic reasons, an affiliation to the "Old Reich" was propagated in 1937-1938. "Home to the Reich" was the slogan at that time.

When exchanging the schilling for the great power euro, analogies must be found fatally with the exchange of the schilling for the Reichsmark in 1938.


It should not be forgotten that the promise of a financial and economic betterment for the future East Markets was the main driving force behind many Austrians in order to vote for the Anschluss.

The acclaimed incorporation with Greater Germany was followed by disillusionment.


It's similar now. Exactly what we are in theEU want to pretend, we lose in the EU: social prosperity, full employment, an intact environment, our high quality of life, our home, our self-respect, our nature and our ancient cultures.


You are only European if you preserve and uphold your independent, self-reliant Europeanism.

Switzerland, wealthy and democratic, also located in the heart of Europe, should be a shining example to us.


I also do not understand why our Federal President is asking us to give up our sovereignty. As the highest patriot, he should warn and protect the constitution. Is treason not an offense if Austria is to be subjected to centralized foreign authority?


The State Treaty brought Austria the liberation.

TheEU The treaty is Austria's capitulation, Austria's incapacitation, submission to a new anachronistic hegemony - and a breach of the State Treaty.


It's unbelievable: the politicians are preparing the second Anschluss and want to present the Austrian people with a fait accompli. Are our politicians abandoned by all good spirits, so that first the history must rebuke them?


I am not a lawyer, but I am firmly convinced that we are being manipulated with a lousy demagoguery by powerful interest groups outside of any ethical, historical, moral, cultural and ecological legality, as was the case with Zwentendorf at the time(The commissioning of the nuclear reactor was prevented by a referendum).


TheEU-States are leveled and anonymized and robbed of their identity. This is the direction in which it goes and not in the direction of decentralization and deepening of independence.


That is sufficient for proofEU-Flag with the now 12 exactly the same 5-pointed asterisks. Which of these asterisks would symbolize Austria, for example the third right from the bottom or the second that looks the same?


The five-pointed star is not a symbol from European and certainly not from Austrian history. It does not appear in the development of the states of the West. The pentagram, an occult symbol of the Druden and Freemasons, is a foreign body in occidental heraldry.


The 5-pointed stars serve more as a sign of submission, occupation and colonization as on the Australian-New Zealand, American and colonial flags.

TheseEU-Flag is also a plagiarism from the Stars and Stripes. The United States of America were also initially arranged in a circle as 5-pointed asterisks, white on blue, just like the would-be "United States of Europe" now. Later, as they multiplied, they were lined up.


These 5-pointed asterisks are the same as the Soviet star, the star of the Yugoslav, Chinese, Cuban and other People's Republics. Truly, this symbol is an indictment of the grown identities of Europe.


It is a bad omen if the sign is wrong.

TheseEUStar flag symbolizes the self-abandonment of Europe.


In the so-calledEU culture is less of a minor matter. The creative powers are trimmed into useful idiots. To support and trimmed and legitimize a mercantile and industrial growth that is destroying itself.

The culture is not present in Brussels. She is in the only mercantile and industrialEU no problem. Brussels knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.


It goes in this cultureless, so-calledEU just about numbers: production figures, dates and running times, transition periods, population and livestock numbers. Gross national products, cultivation, forest and pasture areas in square kilometers, wage costs, social benefits, ancillary costs. Export figures, tonnes of heavy transports, milk prices, price adjustments, financing figures, compensation figures, percentages, price reductions, sugar, milk and fish quotas, transit restrictions in figures, quotas, co-financing, tables, statistics, market access restrictions in figures. Terms, ecu exchange rates, high unemployment figures, low employment figures, promotion and subsidy figures, the number of ecopoints, monetary payments of all kinds, unreal economic growth figures, survey results in numbers and percentages, number of votes from the Council of Ministers and the blocking minority, majorities, minorities, voting results, EU advertising expenditure . Yes, even altitude figures for mountain farmers in meters and latitude figures for agriculture in Finland.

If that's not symptomatic.


Environmental protection is also absent from the Brussels hegemony. Only 0.3 percent (30 out of 10,000) of theEU- Civil servants work for ecology. There is only talk of environmental protection that bridges borders. Austria has to co-finance the nuclear power and z. B. Plastic bottles and gene products and adopt idiotic-dangerous guidelines for apple sizes and monoculture fruits. I saw that myself.


There is no talk of culture or the values ​​of the West in Brussels. You have to ask Brussels for spending on culture first. The cultural studies and also the entire field of study in theEU is aligned to the usefulness for the industry and to the forced growth.


Only creation can teach us creativity and organic growth. Only creation can teach us respect for the abundance of species and the incredible diversity of which we ourselves are a part.


In theEU But the efforts are going in exactly the opposite direction: the destruction of the small-scale creative values ​​in favor of a completely wrong and outdated automation, centralization and rationalization, which sooner or later will bring us to our ruin.


The conscience of our civilization, our age-old destiny to strive for higher values, falls by the wayside.

Written in Vienna - Paris - Kaurinui, 1988-1994, added in italics in La Picaudière, 1997.

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