How do I leave my dysfunctional marriage

Nevertheless, many people are overwhelmed by finding the right partner in the first exuberance of the hormonal surges, to bind them to themselves and to keep them for a long time. They fail to identify those who are not only currently suitable for passionate lovers, but also make good parents and reliable partners. Sometimes this is almost impossible - if you look attractive at first glance (and for the first night), you are often not suitable for long journeys and will leave as soon as the garbage has to be taken down.

A good test of whether a bond between a man and a woman is tenable occurs unconsciously in the first few moments of making contact: those who want to get close must be able to smell each other. That sounds banal, but it is crucial, because those who like to smell each other stay together longer. This selection criterion makes sense from an evolutionary point of view, because a smell that is perceived as attractive indicates that the immune system of the potential partner differs significantly from its own. This means that their defense systems mix in the offspring and they are more resistant to various germs.

But even the right fragrance does not guarantee stable conditions. Scientists have therefore investigated what the ingredients for lasting marriages are and quickly determined that happiness is not the point. Heavenly enthusiasm is pretty much the last thing that defines stable long-term relationships - rather: Little sex, chronic dissatisfaction and insecure partners. Anything else that helps is not necessarily in the primers for beginners: the right size. And for men: keep your mouth shut.

If you want to celebrate a silver or even gold wedding, you should get yourself an insecure partner. One who hesitates and doubts. Someone who doesn't like making decisions. His fear of leaving the other is so great and the turmoil between different possibilities so excruciating that separation is out of the question. For insecure people, the fear of a new, unknown situation is worse than the well-known misfortune. "An insecure man and a safe woman - that's a pretty durable package," says Julia Berkic from the Bavarian State Institute for Early Childhood Education.

If you want to stay with your partner for a long time, you should also be tall. At least for men, this outward appearance is helpful, because contrary to rumors to the contrary: size does count for women after all. Tall men have better chances with women. On average, childless men are significantly smaller than men who have become fathers. There is also an above-average number of short men among bachelors.

Tall men over 1.90 meters also have fewer doubts about the loyalty of their partners. After all, they know that they have a better chance of success with women and that they don't have to worry about suddenly being alone. Big men are therefore more relaxed about potential rivals. You have greatness. Because of this generosity, relationships between great men tend to last longer.