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15 extraordinary sights in China

The People's Republic of China is one of the most diverse and mystical countries in the world. Thanks to its size, it is more diverse than almost any other country. Here we have 15 of the most exciting attractions in the country.

1. Li Jiang River

China is also a spectacular country apart from the cultural cities: The Li Jiang River flows through the autonomous region of Guangxi and is a popular travel destination thanks to its unique landscape with the distinctive mountains around which the river mystically winds.

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2. Shanghai

With over 23 million inhabitants, Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world and therefore never sleeps. The city with the impressive skyline offers an exciting nightlife with many bars at dizzying heights. Probably the most striking building in the jungle of high-rise buildings is the Oriental Pearl Tower.

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3. Jiǔzhàigōu National Park

Get out of the city and into a relaxing national park. The Jiuzhaigou National Park offers turquoise lakes, waterfalls and has even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In autumn it is particularly beautiful to look at with its colorful forests.

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4. Great Wall of China

Everyone knows it and it can even be seen from space: the Great Wall of China. As one of the most imposing structures in human history, you have to see the historic border fortification once in your life.

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5. Beijing, Beijing

In contrast to the modern city of Shanghai, Beijing, the capital of China, is much more traditional than its dazzling counterpart in the south. Numerous buildings in the center of the city (the forbidden city), such as the Imperial Palace or the Temple of Heaven, tell the eventful history of the country. It is not far from part of the Great Wall of China and is therefore an ideal starting point for excursions.

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6. Hua Shan

The Hua Shan Mountain is located in the Shanxi Province in northern China. The so-called chess pavilion lies very lonely on a ledge of the dramatic mountain. Anyone who goes up there should be free from giddiness.

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7. Xiamen

Tourism plays a big role in the city of Xiamen, but mainly only locals visit the southern coastal city. There is so much to discover, including the car-free island of Gulangyu, which forms a green contrast to the modern skyline.

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8. Reed Flute Cave, Guangxi

The mystical limestone cave in Guangxi makes visitors' hearts beat faster. Full of stalactites and pillars, it is a paradise for plants and animals. The additional lighting creates a fascinating atmosphere in the cave.

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9. Yunnan

The province of Yunnan with its capital Kunming is located in southwest China, directly on the border with Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. Agriculture, especially rice cultivation, is economically very important for this province. The rice fields conjure up a colorful landscape that is impressive.

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10. Dunhuang Yadan landform

The imposing Yadan Landscapes Park was created by wind activity and is the largest of its kind. The park is located in northwest China, about 200 km from the city of Dunhuang. The famous Silk Road, which linked Asia with Europe, used to run through the city.

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11. Giant panda, Sichuan

Visit the cuddly bears in one of the research facilities or animal stations that are trying to save the endangered animals. It is best to go there in the morning, because pandas sleep most of the rest of the day.

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12. Fujian

Fujian is a southeastern province in China and is roughly level with Taiwan. It is a very mountainous province and also the largest tea producer in the whole country.

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13. Red Beach, Dawa

Simply enchantingly beautiful: The red beach in Dawa is completely covered with red flowers, which creates this otherworldly sight.

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14. Sanya, Hainan

When you book a beach vacation, you don't necessarily think of China immediately, but the vast country also has a beautiful coastal landscape with golden beaches. The largest island in the Hainan province of the same name, including its city of Sanya in the very south of China, is a real bathing paradise and although mainly locals have discovered the island for themselves, Hainan is increasingly being discovered by foreign guests.

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15. Danxia land forms, Zhangye

Like from another planet! The Danxia landforms in the south and northwest of China are characterized by colorful landscapes and idiosyncratic rock formations.

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