What makes for an amazing first date

11 amazing dating facts

For the first time in life, one of our friends is groping around the world as a single. That's why we did some research on what to expect lonely hikers out there - and what experts have to say about dating, love and relationships. In the process, some interesting, funny, alarming, but also some rather sad statistics came to light.

Some of them make the feminist in us revolt, in the face of other facts we could have embraced the computer again. Do we agree with all theses and studies? Not at all. Nevertheless, it is really exciting what professionals have found out about dates and flirting.

When does flirtation become a relationship? According to research by leading American flirtation expert and book author Lisa Daily, most couples describe their relationship as really "serious" after their sixth or eighth date. Funnily enough, men say they already know exactly after the 3rd date whether it is enough to "do more" with the woman. Women need a little longer - they are only finally sure after the 14th date.

Being single makes you lazy. A study by eHarmony.com , one of the world's most successful dating sites with 150 branches, revealed that more than half of the registered singles have not had a single date in the past two years. Especially the men turned out to be rendezvous grouches. 40 percent of them justified their low number of dates with the "fear of scaring off the potential dream woman."

Three seconds decide about sex. While it takes a comparatively long time to commit to a relationship, when it comes to sex, we make decisions much faster. In the first three seconds of an encounter, we subconsciously decide whether we would have sex with this person ...

Body language is decisive. They say the majority of our communication is non-verbal - and it's true. In a University of Toronto experiment, women had to judge men on a five-minute speed date. 57% of all women decided about sympathy and interest based on men's body language. 38% judged on the basis of expression and language, only seven percent paid attention to WHAT the guys had actually said.

Appearances are so important. Inner values ​​are decisive, but first we assess the obvious. Interesting: Anthropologists from the University of Cambridge found in test series that thin people are ascribed far worse characteristics than people with rounded figures. While chubby people are judged as "friendly", "cozy" and "optimistic", skinny people are ascribed "pessimism", "narrow-mindedness" and "doggedness".

Woman makes the start. Even if women generally like to be conquered, things are different in dating sites. According to a survey by the online partner exchange Match.com 91% (!) of the male members would like the woman to take the first step.

The perfect meal at the rendezvous. There is of course a wonderful study on this too. Askmen.com We owe the following knowledge: the most popular for first rendezvous are dates with Italians or Chinese. Sushi is only recommended for the third or fourth date (i.e. when the lack of conversation material is bridged with rice balls). Greek, Moroccan or Turkish cuisine should only be considered when the flirtation develops into a relationship.

The Biggest Dating Turnoffs. Why should one go to the Greeks or Turks later? Both kitchens are full of garlic and herbs. And the biggest turn-offs on the first date (at least this was the result of a survey by peppermint sugar manufacturers Altoid ) apply bad breath and food particles between your teeth.

Office relationships are more durable. Even if an old saying goes "Don't shit, where you sit" - office loves are more durable than those where the couples got to know each other in their free time. At least this is true in Canada. There, a study by the University of Montreal found that an unbelievable 40% of all romances created in the workplace also lead to marriage.

The most popular sex fantasies. They fall according to a report by ABCBNews surprisingly conservative. 57% of all respondents dream of sex in unusual places. Only 21% fantasize about a threesome; reassuringly low 5% often cheat their partner mentally.

The makeup lie. Men are swindlers. Or even just clueless. The majority of men emphasize again and again that they are "into natural women" .. But a survey by Onlinedatingpost.com showed that the guys actually call none other than KIM KARDASHIAN "natural beauty" (and hardly any celebrity wears more make-up). Another study by TLC and Chemistry also proves that a woman with make-up is spoken to in a bar six minutes faster than a woman with no make-up .... Crazy dating world!