Is Donald Trump really against the establishment

Donald Trump, conspiracy theories and the departure from the establishment

How do you recognize people with outstanding cognitive abilities in order not to use the evil word intelligence, which has many facets, from the social to the physical-kinesthetic to the abstract? In and of itself, there is no magic bullet for the simple classification of differentiated people, but in many cases this can be recognized by the fact that they are stacked low rather than high. Provided it is not a special form of deviance in the sense of sociopathy, which manifests itself in a special form of camouflage and deception.

Reluctance, reflection and modesty in dealing with themselves characterize this group of people and not the urge to profile, complacency and know-it-all, as can be seen in some TV discussions and interviews. Likewise, the demonstration of supposedly inferior or politically dissenters is not a virtue of true masters. The golden rule in this context is “less is more”. From this perspective, Donald Trump does not have the best cards. On the other hand, you should never underestimate someone, no matter how deficient they may appear. Trump is undoubtedly a seismograph and at the same time a catalyst for the American soul.

The medium is the message

The much-quoted statement by the Canadian communication scientist Marshall McLuhan “The Medium is the Massage” means that the means of communication used in each case are of central importance with regard to the effect of the respective statements. Seen in this way, the 45th President of the USA is a medium and a message in one. McLuhan also sees media as extensions of our human senses, body and mind. The leader of the most powerful nation in the world is for his followers a mental expansion of their perspective on the world and, more importantly, a transmitter of their needs and emotions. Like no other, he manages to combine cognition with emotion.

The essential aspect of the acceptance of a message lies in the correct interaction between information, emotion and the resulting cognition. When these three levels are intertwined, the content achieves the desired effect. Just remember the example of the 2015/16 refugee crisis, in which the information from countless refugees who streamed to Europe tipped from an initial position of solidarity to an emotion of fear and defense and finally in the conscious cognitive vote of rejection of this development in the 2017 National Council elections, which resulted in a strengthening of forces on the right of center. Trump has an intuitive command of the code discussed. In this way he succeeds in using conspiracy theories such as Pizzagate, QAnon and many more in the “fight against the establishment” for himself.

QAnon, Pizzagate, and Why Conspiracy Theories Work

If you look at what current committees of inquiry are uncovering, it is not surprising that so many people assemble their own form of truth - albeit in a creative or even more extreme form. Now one can look down with a raised index finger and hidden behind scientific evidence at the Covidiots, conspirators and semi-educated people, but the question arises whether this is justified in the sense of democracy or if it is not better to use a more homogeneous positive code of communication, which is accepted by the frustrated Voters and citizens creates, should work?

In psychology, magical thinking is understood to be a form of child development in which a person assumes that his thoughts or actions can influence, cause or prevent events that are not causally related. That is exactly what is widespread in politics. Dealing with fuzziness and uncertainty is the core competence of the future and not the knowledge of facts, which in science can quickly become out of date. Therefore "keep your distance" from one-dimensional views and ideologies. Even the dear baby elephant knows that, which in a larger form is the heraldic animal of the Republicans and thus Trump's political home. (Daniel Witzeling, October 29, 2020)

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