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Does your salary match your performance? Those who can answer this question in the affirmative are demonstrably more satisfied in their job. But how do you know if you are being adequately rewarded? Colleagues only give a look at their paychecks in exceptional cases - and most employers keep a low profile when it comes to remuneration. So that you can get as much as possible out of the next salary negotiation, here is an overview of how much HR managers earn on average - and on which factors the salary depends.

Overview of this article:

Two good news first: First, HR managers usually earn well, even if they don't get top salaries. Second, HR is no worse off than other functions in the company. A study by the management consultancy hkp Deutschland GmbH shows how small the differences in salaries are in different areas of the company - at the level of the personnel officer as well as that of the personnel manager. An HR consultant earns as much overall as his colleagues in the areas of marketing and sales, IT or law and compliance. At the level below the Executive Board, the salaries in the individual divisions are also comparable.

Not all HR managers earn equally well

Nevertheless, there are large differences in salaries within human resources. * With the same experience and a similar qualification, this can amount to tens of thousands of euros gross per year.

Example: wage differences with the same conditions

A university degree is also worthwhile in human resources: HR employees with an academic degree earn an average of 26 percent more than their colleagues without a degree.

Graphic:; Data: StepStone Salary Report 2017

The more employees, the higher the salary

Basically, the bigger the company, the higher the salary. Small companies (up to 500 employees) pay their HR professionals an average of 50,500 euros gross. Her colleagues in large companies with over 1,000 employees earn around 10,000 euros more (60,700 euros).

* Unless otherwise stated, data is from Stepstone Salary Report 2017. Figures have been rounded to the nearest hundred.

HR professionals earn more in southern Germany

The industry also plays a very important role in remuneration. HR managers are particularly well paid in the pharmaceutical industry (average gross of 72,200 euros), but banks (71,700 euros) and the chemical industry (70,400 euros) also offer lush salaries for HR managers.

HR professionals earn more in southern Germany

How much HR employees earn on average also depends on the company's location. Those who work in eastern Germany have to expect a significantly lower income than their colleagues in the southern German states. This is shown by the Federal Employment Agency's remuneration atlas.

Baden-W├╝rttemberg is the front runner when it comes to wages. The salary of HR managers there is an average of 60,000 euros gross per year. Hesse (58,500 euros), Rhineland-Palatinate (58,200 euros) and Bavaria (58,200 euros) follow closely behind. Saxony-Anhalt brings up the rear (36,600 euros).

Graphic:; Data: StepStone Salary Report 2017

A question of gender

The salary of HR managers also depends heavily on gender. Male HR managers have an average gross annual salary of 64,100 euros. That of their female colleagues is significantly lower: women in human resources earn an average of 51,000 euros gross per year. The difference thus roughly corresponds to the cross-sector average of 21 percent. 

HR beginners earn well

Anyone who has just started working in human resources can look forward to a comparatively good salary. Depending on the size and location of the company as well as the type of degree, young professionals in human resources can earn up to 48,000 euros per year, as a survey by Compensation Partner shows. And also for HR newcomers: the bigger the company, the better the remuneration.

Are you satisfied with your salary?

If you are one of the roughly 70 percent of Germans who, according to Statista, consider themselves to be underpaid, you have now laid the foundation for getting more out of the next salary negotiation. Everyone else can be quietly happy - or give their colleagues a hot tip, for example by forwarding this article.

* Unless otherwise stated, data is from Stepstone Salary Report 2017. Figures have been rounded to the nearest hundred.