What are some bible verses about relationships


If you open any (women's) magazine these days, you can almost be sure of at least one article or comment on the topic "Relationship" to find. The topic seems to be omnipresent - not only in magazines, but also on the radio, television or in conversations with good acquaintances, conversations and articles about relationships run like a red thread through the years and decades. A wide variety of advice and opinions have been published and discussions, tips and secret recipes for a happy partnership are constantly being reinvented.

Back to basics
I have noticed that it can be very helpful for me as a Christian to look back to the foundation stone and keep reminding myself of what the Bible actually says on the subject of "relationships".
Here, too, the topic runs like a red thread through different books of the Old Testament, through gospels and letters. Relationship in the biblical sense, however, means much more than partnership, romantic relationships, as they are in the focus of many media and conversations today. The Bible goes a step further and challenges us to love over everything to draw because it is the bond of perfection (Colossians 3:14).

But above everything attracts love
To draw love over everything - not only through our partner, but through all relationships with our fellow human beings: friends, family, neighbors, work colleagues or strangers whom we meet while shopping, for example. "Let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves is born of God and knows God." (1 John 4, 7) it says elsewhere. If we want to know what the Bible says about relationships, it is first important to realize that romantic relationships can only mean a small part of the great network of relationships in our lives.

Made to be in relationship
However, the Bible does not end there. God speaks from the very beginning “It is not good that man should be alone; I want to give him help that suits him. " (Genesis 2:18). So God has man created from the start to live in relationships. At the same time, he makes it clear here that the created woman is the man corresponds to. I find it very exciting that from the time humans were created, no one is superior to the other. I think you can apply that to all kinds of relationships that we find in our lives today - whether romantic, friendly or business: our counterpart is in no way like us and we therefore have no reason to treat other people with arrogance .
The next step is to specify the relationship between man and woman. It is made clear that a man will leave his father and mother to cling to his wife and become one flesh with her (Genesis 2: 22-24). So God creates people to live together as men and women. At this point I deliberately do not want to go into the controversial question of same-sex partnerships, which has already been extensively illuminated and discussed in many other places from all possible directions. The question of the vocation to a life without a partner would lead too far here.

Relationships between man and woman
The fact that partnerships between women and men are generally described as something good in the Bible can be seen in many places. "Anyone who has found a wife has found something good and is pleased with the Lord" it says, for example, in Proverbs 18, 22. In Matthew's Gospel, too, Jesus reminds us that the Creator in the beginning also includes men and women as man and woman created and continues this thought by emphasizing that she now no longer two, but a Meat are. What God has now put together, man should not divide! (Matthew 19: 4-6)

For me it is always a challenge Not only to reduce relationships to romantic partnerships, but to think about the big picture and about everything - about every conversation, every interaction and in my thoughts - to pull the bond of love. For me, after a look at the Bible, it becomes clear that both have or can have an important place in our lives: God does think of romantic relationships, but frames them in the larger context of the relationship and love between us and our fellow human beings .

Posted: 02/27/2018, 3:53 pm