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Regardless of whether you are looking for relaxation, rejuvenation or new energy - our treatments ensure a harmonious interplay of body, mind and soul


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Relaxing and invigorating treatments from head to toe



Time Rituals ™

Book a certain period of time and enjoy a holistic experience in which our therapists can demonstrate all their skills and put together a treatment that is fully tailored to your needs.

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Digital wellness escape

This regenerative treatment focuses on the head, eyes, neck, shoulders, hands and feet and aims to relieve stress and tension resulting from frequent use of digital devices.

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Oriental Qi

An uncomplicated, effective and authentic spa experience: This relaxing full-body massage ritual focuses on the energy of the meridians and uses the positive effects of essential oils

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Oriental Harmony

Two therapists work synchronously and in perfect harmony. Ideal against jet lag.

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Azuki Body Scrub

A thorough peeling especially for guests with sensitive skin. The exclusive Mandarin-Oriental mixture of ground azuki beans, fine salt and sesame seeds ensures a gentle peeling, while essential patchouli oils reduce mental stress at the same time. The treatment also uses the antioxidant properties of ginger and balances the regenerated skin with geraniums.

* This treatment can only be booked in addition to a full body treatment

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Pearl Infused Remineralizing Body Mask

Feel the power of the pearls with this unique treatment, which was developed for very special multi-sensory effects. After a peeling, you will receive a mineral-rich face mask with pearls and mussel shell extracts to stimulate and regenerate the skin cells. In the meantime, you will receive an aromatic Subtle Energies Signature Marma facial massage to bring you into balance and to relieve tension and stress.

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Rasayana Detox Body Wrap

This regenerating, firming and cleansing full-body treatment begins with an intensive peeling consisting of essential oils, cinnamon powder and walnut shells. Relax while your body is enveloped in mineral-rich clay, which is enriched with butterfly ginger, spirulina algae and green tea for the ultimate purification. Finally, you will receive a full-body moisturizing treatment with aromatic body butters or mixtures.

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Mandarin Man

This effective pampering program from head to toe begins with our cleansing and invigorating express facial treatment, followed by a massage with hot stones to loosen tension in the neck, shoulder and lower back.

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Executive Man

Just as the well-groomed gentleman takes the time to have his shoes cleaned regularly, this significantly more pleasant combination of back peeling, back massage and foot treatment gives you a healthy freshness that ensures a shiny appearance.

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The Ultimate Bathing Ritual

Our unique bathing pavilion with a view of the endless expanses of the metropolis of Tokyo offers private lounge areas, a fully equipped bathroom and various amenities. During this half day it is your very own oasis of wellbeing. Our unforgettable full bath ritual begins extremely traditionally. We wash your feet as a timeless sign of respect and to collect you from the outside world in a peaceful way, while we learn your wellness wishes for this unique experience. This half-day ritual begins with an exfoliation to prepare the skin. You can redefine bathing in our unique, sky-high infinity bathtub: Relax here while the exclusive bath oil blend from Mandarin Oriental moisturizes the skin and realigns the body's energy flow. The experience is rounded off by a full-body massage for complete relaxation thanks to gentle grips and invigorating essential oils, and you will also receive a refreshing and highly effective facial.

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Subtle Energies Sleep Support Therapy

Custom Signature Program for Sleep Difficulty Relief, based on the latest research and age-old practices. The treatment begins with guided yogic pranayamas, which positively influence the energy flows in the body. The dreamlike Marma massage brings the body's rhythm into balance, while the Marma facial massage stimulates the pineal gland. You will then receive a Nasya treatment (nasal rinsing with oil) - an age-old practice to combat sleep disorders. A holistic sleep therapy that brings you emotionally and hormonally into balance and lets you get in touch with your body of bliss.

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The Sakura ritual

Our journey into Japanese culture begins with an homage to the age-old custom of washing a guest's feet when they enter a house. We do the same for our guests today, taking the time to peacefully pick you up from the outside world while we learn about your needs. It continues with an azuki bean peeling, an extremely gentle but highly effective peeling with sesame seeds, salt and finely ground Japanese azuki beans that contain saponaria, an organic foam ingredient that naturally pulls impurities out of the skin and improves blood circulation stimulates. In Japan, Azuki is considered a highly effective, non-surgical alternative to a skin lift. The result of this moisturizing treatment is amazingly firm and youthfully beautiful skin. With Kiatsu, a full-body massage that combines the most effective therapies of Japanese Shiatsu and Thai massage, we are honoring a completely different Japanese tradition. Tense muscles are loosened through unexpected movements and gentle stretching.

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Razul Escape

After a full-body peeling, silky-soft mud is applied to the skin. Thermal steam then promotes detoxification and the absorption of nutrient-rich, natural minerals into the skin. This is followed by a pampering massage, after which you feel cared for from head to toe.

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Essentials for travelers

Revival on Arrival

Thanks to this treatment for the holistic adjustment of your internal clock, you will arrive gently in Tokyo's time zone. Massage techniques and gentle stretching stimulate muscles exhausted from the journey and promote blood circulation.

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Oriental Foot Therapy

In oriental philosophy, the feet are viewed as a mirror for the systems and functions of the body. Relax with this traditional treatment that starts with a scented foot bath. This is followed by a professional peeling and massage to relax and smooth the feet and lower legs.

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Body massage

1 hour / 1 hour 30 minutes

Oriental Essence

With specially mixed oriental oils and movements inspired by traditional oriental therapies, this tension-relieving massage treats the whole body. The focus here is particularly on the classic centers of tension in the back, neck and shoulders.

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Pure Thai

Performed in loose cotton pajamas on a Japanese futon, this ancient Thai pressure point massage, which is often called the "lazy man's yoga", combines guided breathing techniques, gentle stretching and gentle rocking to release muscle tension and rebalance the body's energy system bring.

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60 minutes / 1 hour 30 minutes

Blissful Marma Massage

Highly effective treatment for instant relaxation and removal of all stress-related tension. Long, powerful, flowing movements and therapeutic techniques with varying levels of pressure are used, and important energy centers are aligned with marma therapy and chakra balance. Our enriching and highly effective mixtures deliver noticeable results and increase general well-being.

The 90-minute treatment includes a Subtle Energies Signature Marma facial massage with powerful aromatic ingredients that promote emotional balance, reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.

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This holistic therapeutic treatment combines the power of essential oils with the most successful Far Eastern and European massage techniques. That relaxes and calms you, and you feel better and more balanced.

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This effective therapeutic massage relieves pain and relieves tension. During this stimulating and extremely energizing massage, the therapist applies the oil to the body with elbows and forearms

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Advanced skin care

Power Aging Care Facial

This proven anti-aging facial is a combination of Swiss Perfection skin care technologies and a treatment with a lifting and beauty effect. An anti-aging trans-dermal system device (ATS) and a cell-active collagen mask are used. The results of this facial will exceed your expectations.

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Skin Instant Facial

Individual facial treatment for all skin types with unique massage techniques for lifting and tightening effects. A great facial for special occasions.

An additional 1 hour and 15 minute facial remodeling device can be booked for JPY 34,000

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Hydrating Facial

This unique treatment ensures radiant, beautiful, healthy skin and amazing anti-aging effects on mature skin. The traces of time are visibly reduced; for young skin an effective protection against premature aging. The perfect treatment for anyone looking to regenerate and hydrate their skin after it has been exposed to environmental stresses such as travel, air conditioning and air pollution.

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Booster Facial

With unique massage techniques, an individual serum mix and our “booster” products, your facial contours are visibly tightened for up to 10 days.

Facial remodeling device for 1 hour and 30 minutes can also be booked for 42,900 JPY

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Essence of Tokyo


In the relaxing atmosphere of our Serenity Suite high above the rooftops of Tokyo, this unique treatment combines the most effective therapies of Japanese Shiatsu and Thai massage to loosen tense muscles throughout the body through unexpected movements and gentle stretching.

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Power Nap

An unbeatably effective massage that combines acupressure and gentle Thai stretching movements. Frankincense essential oils are massaged into acupressure points on the forehead. This encourages creative thinking and makes you fit for work.

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Totally Tokyo - The Five Journeys from Nihonbashi

With the Japanese elements of green tea, pine, bamboo, rice bran and plum, you embark on a wellness journey of the senses from the cradle of Tokyo. When you reach your destination, you can expect deep relaxation and positive emotions. This cleansing and warming treatment includes a head massage, a full-body Shiatsu massage and stretching - an unforgettable experience awaits you.

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Treatments for two


Our duo of invigorating full-body massages begins with a full-body peeling followed by wonderful togetherness in the luxury steam shower in our private spa suite. Enjoy your time together, maybe before your wedding, on an anniversary or simply with a romantic experience for two.

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Moment to share

In the absolute seclusion of our spacious suites with a view of the Tokyo skyline, you can pamper each other with this highly effective couples program with deep cleansing facials and special body massages.

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Holistic skin care

24K Gold Age-Defying Facial

Revitalize your skin and bring yourself into emotional balance with this exotic facial. The healing powers of unique ingredients such as mogra, jasmine and roses stimulate collagen production and cell renewal. In connection with the regenerative powers of 24-carat gold leaf, your senses are stimulated and the deepest layers of the skin are reached and invigorated. The result is fewer wrinkles and youthful, radiant skin.

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Essential Facial

After a consultation in which your skin type and needs are determined, your therapist will put together the right products for a facial treatment tailored to your skin needs.

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Hands and Feet

The Christian Louboutin Manicure Experience

At the beginning of the treatment, we drizzle a few drops of a Christian Louboutin perfume oil of your choice into the soaking water, this gives your skin a noble shimmering shine and you are wrapped in a wonderful scent. A nail shaping, cuticle care and a regenerating hand peeling prepare you ideally for nail polishing with exclusive Christian Louboutin nail polish, which delivers ultra-chic, highly pigmented and extremely long-lasting colors.

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The Christian Louboutin Pedicure Experience

At the beginning of the treatment, we drip a few drops of a Christian Louboutin perfume oil of your choice into the soaking water, this gives your skin a noble shimmering shine and you are wrapped in a wonderful scent. We start with shaping your nails, a cuticle and foot care, as well as a regenerating foot and leg peeling. This is the ideal preparation for the Christian Louboutin nail polish, which provides your nails with elegant, highly pigmented and extremely long-lasting colors.

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Basic gel

Nail shaping, cuticle care and final treatment with Bio Sculpture Gel.

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