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4K Background: HD Photo & Auto Background Changer

4K Wallpaper: HD Photo & Auto Background for users who experience the best of hand-picked backgrounds and inventive wallpapers. You can change the background image for the automatic change quickly and mechanically according to your wishes. A user selects the time frequency to mechanically change background images. You will set 4K Wallpaper: HD Photo & Auto Background with just one click. You need to open a gallery and see pictures without hesitation. You can crop the image as needed or crop the selected image from the center for the best use as a background image without leaving the original image. Every day, your phone's wallpaper is refreshed with 4k wallpapers daily and admired by thousands of people. 4K wallpaper: HD Photo & Auto Background allows you to change the wallpaper on your phone at a specific transition time between two pictures. 4K Wallpaper: HD Photo and Auto Background can be a great tool for Full HD backgrounds and their users wherever they know the best handpicked HD wallpaper to make your screen distinctive. We add new distinctive ones every day also as high quality. We predict that it is important that you simply spot a sublime and adorable wallpaper that will make you happy and comfortable when you choose your phone.
4K Wallpaper: HD Photo & Auto Background is a free app-to-desktop wallpaper for background images or everyday changes. This is often a wallpaper is picture and change my wallpaper to picture apps the picture for wallpaper changing app or lock screen backgrounds to wallpaper changer automatically is windows laptop, desktop backgrounds with slide show wallpaper for teens or animated wallpaper. All cool wallpapers are suitable for all mobile devices. Frequent updates your screen getting with the HD wallpapers and Full HD wallpapers you have ever seen. The application is only displayed at the scale of your screen backgrounds and wallpapers. With the best HD wallpaper, you can save battery power, net traffic and use the app at top speed without losing image quality. Our main goal is to bring you trendy, high quality backgrounds. We expect that discovering pretty and wonderful is important, which can lead you to be optimistic and cheerful when choosing your mobile device. Our application is 100% free and has the easiest choice of standard, free and high resolution features. Cool Wallpaper knowledgeable app just wants access to point you to thousands of beautiful free wallpapers.
Main Features of 4K Wallpaper: HD Photo and Auto Background:
1. Simply add images or entire folders.
2. Wallpaper specially designed for phone.
3. Browse hundreds of wallpapers
Look for a specific type
5. Set the wallpaper on the home screen
6. Set the lock screen wallpaper
7. Select the time interval to change the wallpaper.
8. Apply random effects to the background images.
9. Automatically select images from HD wallpaper downloads.
10. Change your own background image automatically.
11. Very low battery consumption.
12. Find the wallpaper by category